Story of Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj and yogi Changdev

Futility of Siddhis over atma-gyan

​Changdev was a Yogi who had achieved numerous siddhis (Supernatural powers). He had defied death 42 times using his siddhi and hence lived 1400 years. He liked being respected by people. One day, he came to know about Saint Dnyaneshwar. He was peeved that a young boy is getting so much attention from people. He became jealous of Dnyaneshwar’s increasing popularity.

He thought of writing a letter to Dyaneshwar but couldn’t understand how to begin. He thought that, Dnyaneshwar was a 16 year old young boy, so how could he pay him respect and he also couldn’t address him as a kid, as Dnyaneshwar was a Saint, spiritually evolved. He couldn’t decide what to write and so he sent a blank letter to Dnyaneshwar.

Only a Saint can understand the other Saint Mukta bai, Saint Dnyaneshwar’s sister wrote a reply,” Even though your age is 1400 but you are still as blank as your letter”. Reading this Changdev decided to meet Dnyaneshwar himself.

​Changdev had developed pride due to his extra ordinary achievements. He came to visit Dnyaneshwar with pomp, riding a tiger, wielding a serpent as a whip. Dnyaneshwar was sitting on a masonary wall with his siblings, when he came to know about Changdev’s arrival.

Saint Dnyaneshwar thought that he should personally welcome Changdev. He immediately instructed the wall to take them to Changdev. The wall started moving. When Changadev saw this, he was convinced of Dnyaneshwar’s supremacy.

​Changdev understood his limited powers, being able to control the living beings only, whereas Dnyaneshwar was able to control even the material objects. He immediately got down and prostrated to Dnyaneshwar.

Moral : Using one’s Siddhis is obstacle in obtaining atma-gyan (self-realisation).

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