Morality of youth sinking at an alarming rate !

1. Inappropriate thinking of youngsters

A. Today’s young generation has developed the false notion that all things in this world have been created only for our enjoyment and our sole duty is to experience all these worldly pleasures.

B. Children of rich parents think that driving a car at high speed and causing accidents is a means of showing off one’s wealth.

2. Reasons for increase in criminal attitude in youngsters

A. The present generation’s emotional needs, desires and greed know no bounds. These negative qualities have become deep rooted in the minds of the youth. Today, youngsters have developed the attitude that all material desires and greed must be fulfilled by hook or by crook; hence many are developing a criminal mindset to fulfill those desires.

B. The youngsters are also well aware of the fact that politicians who have no respect for law easily get away with all the wrong doings; therefore, the present generation does not care about values like perseverance, valour and morality.

C. The sole aim of today’s generation is attaining a high status in society by earning lots of money. To achieve this, many youngsters resort to unfair means of earning money.

3. Blindly aping the West

A. Due to the influence of immoral television programmes, the cultured youth have become aimless, where as immoral youth have gone astray.

B. The youngsters have started to disregard our rich culture and are blindly aping the West.

C. Today, due to the emergence of pubs, dance bars and hookah bars in major cities, the youth have started to steal money from their homes in order to visit these places. And those youth who earn are spending a large chunk of their salary in these pursuits instead of saving it.

D. Today’s youth are witnessing increasing number of immoral practices done under the power of money. This has led to a decline in their social values; as a result their future looks very bleak.

4. Inappropriate attitude of parents

A. Although it is very natural for our culture to be influenced by the rapid globalisation, there is no one to guide the youth in the correct direction. Parents too are not fulfilling this responsibility of guiding the youth in the right direction.

B. In the earlier days, it was a practice to return home before sunset. However, nowadays feel proud when their children return home late at night. This attitude of parents is ruining the future of their children.

5. Parents, save this generation from the swamp of immorality

A. It is necessary that parents have a talk with their children every day.

B. Only if parents teach right to their children, will they be discouraged from following the immoral path and be encouraged to contribute towards the welfare of the Nation.

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