Mothers should follow Jijau’s ideals while raising their children !

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj founded an ideal Hindu nation. Jijau (Jijabai – Shivaji’s mother) imbibed in him the urge for formation of such a nation in his infancy. She also inculcated in him a fiery sense of righteousness and patriotism. Jijau awakened his sense of warfare by giving him training in weapons and artillery. She brought about in him a sense of rage towards injustice and atrocity. She totally moulded him by planting the seed of devotion and righteousness right from his childhood. This facilitated the foundation of a free Hindu Nation, as a result of which we are able to live as a Hindu today.

From this you must have realised that mother is the real creator of the Hindu nation. Taking inspiration from Jijabai, all mothers should make the following resolution, “We will try to mould our children like Shivaji and participate in God’s work of foundation of Hindu nation. Only by doing so will we see the dawn of a Hindu nation.”

Now let us study the differences in the way of thinking between Jijau and present mothers.

1. Children’s future

A. Today’s mothers

Nurture narrow mindedness in children owing to the thought that ‘children should live for themselves’ : Psychology of present mothers is that they want their son or daughter to become a doctor or an engineer, earn lots of money and have a good status in the society. They think that their children must live only for themselves. Such narrow mindedness is a big obstacle in the formation of a Hindu nation. The mother who nurtures such narrow mindedness is indirectly destroying the nation, as such a person cannot think about the nation and hence is unprepared to defend it.

B. Jijau

Nurtured the thought that ‘Shivaji must live for the nation’: Jijau used to think in a broader sense, ‘My Shivaji should become a great man, but he must live for the nation. He must strive for greatness of the nation rather than his personal achievements.’ Only a mother can cultivate such a sense of broadness in her child. Hence, each mother should resolve to cultivate this sense of broadness in her children and contribute her bit in the foundation of Hindu Nation.

2. Nurturing

A. Today’s mothers

Think their children will gain knowledge by reading English books : Present mothers have a misconception that their children will automatically become knowledgeable by reading English books. They must understand that by reading such books, their children will surely earn a degree, but these books are unable to nurture them properly.

B. Jijau

Told Shivaji stories from Ramayana and Mahabharata : Jijau used to tell Shivaji stories from Ramayana and Mahabharata everyday. This brought about in Shivaji a deep sense of rage towards injustice that led him to take an oath for the formation of a Hindu Nation.

Mothers, only our holy scriptures can teach our children how to live an ideal life. Hence, encourage your children to read Holy Scriptures like Ramayana and Mahabharata. This can give rise to a Shivaji in every household.

3. Behaviour

A. Today’s mothers

Accept western perversity : Present mothers are adopting the western culture like wearing jeans, T-shirts, pants, leaving hair untied, etc. Owing to such behaviour of mothers, their children too do not abide by the Hindu culture and instead start imitating Western culture.

B. Jijau

Jijau’s righteous behaviour led to nurturing of Shivaji : Jijau wholeheartedly believed that Hindu culture is the basis of human life. She herself used to wear vermilion on her forehead, tie her hair in a bun, etc. Everyday, she did spiritual practice, like chanting, praying to God, etc. Jijau’s righteous behaviour had a great impact on Shivaji and consequently generated a pride about Hindu culture in him. Each action in Hindu culture has a scientific reason. By practising these actions, a woman gains the Divine energy of God. Hence, every mother should resolve to abide by the Hindu culture. This will have a positive impact on their children and they will become worthy citizens of the Hindu Nation.

4. Do not watch television serials that have a bad influence

Now-a-days, to pass time, women watch television serials. These serials bombard bad qualities like anger, hate, revenge and fighting. As a result, instead of having a positive influence, they promote negative tendencies. Children are also watching such serials along with their mother and are affected negatively. Mothers should watch serials based on topics related to Patriotism and Righteousness.


All the mothers should pray to Shrikrushna, ‘O Shrikrushna, please give us the strength and will-power required to mould our children as Jijau did, and let us be able to serve the Nation by shaping them as citizens apt for a Hindu Nation’.

– Shri. Rajendra Pavaskar (Guruji), Panvel.

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