TV – a friend or foe ?

Dear friends ! Is it not true that we become friends with only those who think of our welfare ? Even today, TV is an essential household item. However, if you are using it for watching cartoons, sports such as cricket that are meaningless & time-wasting programmes, how can a TV become your friend ? Dear friends ! We need to contemplate if we want to make the TV a friend or a foe;then read the points given ahead.

Do not watch programmes that will make TV your foe !

1. Cartoons

1A. Harm caused due to children emulating characters in cartoons : A child’s mind is always eager to emulate others, due to which –

Some children act and speak like the characters in cartoons etc.

Many children behave inappropriately with their friends and others (such as punching them, speaking authoritatively) as depicted in the cartoons.

Mostly, characters in cartoons have vices such as hatred, taking revenge etc. Thus, this adversely affects the children.

1B. By watching cartoons, children develop an inappropriate understanding of Deities : Sometimes Deities (such as Hanuman, Shrikrushna) are shown inappropriately in cartoons; as a result –

Children cannot visualise the correct form of the Deity while chanting or reciting stotras. Instead, they visualise the inappropriate form as shown in the cartoons. Then, how can such children develop devotion unto the Deities?

If someone disrespects or denigrates Deities, children find nothing wrong in it. Then, how can these children develop pride in their Dharma? In short, showing Deities inappropriately in cartoons destroys the faith and devotion of the children in Deities.

2. Tele-serials on fictitious characters

2A. Development of misconception in children that fictitious characters are real and powerful : Serials with fictitious characters such as ‘Spiderman’, ‘Superman’, ‘Batman’ are telecast on TV. Children develop so much attachment to such characters that they even dress like them and develop a misconception that these fictitious characters are real and powerful. (For more on this topic read this article on Harmful effects of attraction towards fictitious Superheroes)

3. Some family serials that impart incorrectsanskars

Now-a-days, many TV channels telecast family serials. Most housewives are addicted to these serials. Since these serials are constantly watched in the house, children also end up watching and develop a liking for them. Let us understand the kind of harm caused by such serials.

3A. Not developing respect and love for the family : Many a times, these serials contain scenes depicting disrespect and insolence towards the elders, arguments between daughter-in-law and mother-in-law, quarrels within a family etc. When the children watch such serials, they also begin to talk disrespectfully and insolently with others. Thus, they also develop an incorrect sanskar that the joint family system is bad.

3B. Developing undesirable sanskars of selfishness and immorality: Quite often these family serials depict property disputes accompanied by hatred for others, adulterous behavior of male / female characters etc. This has an adverse affect on the minds of children, and alter their perspective towards life.

3C. Tainting the image of Saints and Sages : In some serials, Saints are shown as womanizers and conspirators. This creates a misunderstanding about Saints in the minds of children. Consequently, it also shakes their faith in Dharma.

3D. Children emulate criminal activity shown in serials : Watching acts such as deceiving a friend, killing the grandmother for money etc. in some serials has an adverse effect on the minds of children. Sometimes they actually carry out such acts too.

4. Meaningless & vulgar films with no cultural values

4A. Children developing undesirable sanskars due to films : These days, a film actor is quite often depicted smoking, consuming alcohol, bullying, being a mischief monger in the classroom, and sometimes, even as a criminal. Romantic relationships of actors and actresses are constantly highlighted. It has become very common to portray actors and actresses falling in love, leaving their parents and running away from home. When children watch such scenes repeatedly in different films, undesirable sanskars are generated on their subconscious minds, and they begin to go astray in their conduct.

Let us see some examples of how children emulate film actors and actresses inappropriately.

  • Wearing revealing or indecent clothes
  • Using arrogant and abusive language etc.
  • Boys and girls exchanging love-letters
  • Smoking, drinking alcohol, kidnapping for ransom etc.

Dear friends, Now that you are aware of the dangers of watching certain programs on TV, will you take care to be more careful in choosing which programs to follow and which to skip? For more help, keep reading the other articles from this section !