Parents, save your kids from the TV / internet trap !

1. Current disastrous situation of our Nation due to modern media

It is said that the state of a Nation is judged by the inclination of its future generation. Today, in Bharat, we are ableto watch national and international TV channels 24 hours a day at reasonable rates and can easily download vast data from the internet due to broadband connections. Will it be surprising then if the future generation treads the wrong path ? Let us have a brief look at the disastrous family and social situation that has been created by mediums such as the TV and the internet.

2. Influence of TV and Internet

A. Increased crime rate amongst children

A number of surveys conducted across various countries have shown that because of media like TV and internet, crimes such as theft, abduction, rapes, violence among the children are on the rise. Incidents such as stealing money from parents, abduction of children, killing of teachers are some such crimes that are surfacing on a regular basis now.

B. Internet is used more for watching obscenity

According to one survey, 92% children misuse the internet. This includes watching obscene images, reading obscene material, stealing passwords of credit cards belonging to the parents etc.

C. Blind imitation of the west

TV and internet have brought the world closer. While we have information on world events and culture and traditions of other countries at our fingertips through these media, it is also true that children suffer from the harmful effects, especially of western food, attire and hair-styles, depicted through them. Thus, children imitate western culture.

3. American parents striving to drive out the Idiot-box!

Such educative campaigns are receiving a good response since the Year 2002. The Police in USA has established a special branch in each city to prevent crimes by children under the influence of publicity media. A website guiding parents on this issue has also been launched there. Besides USA, a number of people from European nations are turning towards the Sanatan Hindu culture for its high values. Like Americans, it is prudent for us also to become alert about the present situation. It is essential that we have pride in our great Hindu culture.

4. Responsibility of parents

Inappropriate mentality of some parents

All parents feel that their children should become highly educated. Therefore, they also feel like providing their children with all kinds of facilities. Though their intention is pure, given ahead are some examples of how they sometimes exhibit inappropriate mentality and behaviour.

5. Parents who provide their children with unnecessary devices for various reasons

A. Parents who provide unnecessary objects to their children to encourage them for studies

Some parents say to their children, ‘We will give you whatever you ask for, but you must study’. How serious must these parents be about the true welfare of their children if they agree to give them anything to lure them into studying ? This mentality of parents encourages the children to misuse their phone, laptops and internet facility.

Some parents say, ‘If you get 95% marks this year, we will give you a touch screen mobile’. Are such parents not responsible for making their children pleasure-seeking ?

B. Excessively protective parents

Some parents are so protective that they are always worried about their children getting injured if they play outdoors. Thus, they give them devices like video games so that they always remain indoors. Is it not their fault then if their child is spoiled by the video games ?

6. Parents who think at the emotional level

A. Some parents get carried away with a feeling that their children should also have devices that other children own, and thus they buy costly mobiles or some such devices for their children.

B. Some parents do the same with the emotional perspective – ‘We did not have the fortune of owning such devices as children. You are fortunate, so enjoy’.

7. Parents who like to safeguard their image !

Some parents care more about their image in the society (such as their high-profile job). Therefore, they give in to the demands of their children to safeguard their image, irrespective of whether their children really need them. Then, their children also indulge in unnecessary use of devices.

8. Parents who just preach but do not practice !

Some parents advise their children, ‘You should not watch TV, you should study’. However, they themselves indulge in watching TV. Young children learn from the behaviour of their parents. If parents watch entertainment programmes on TV, children follow suit. Parents should lead by example. For example, if they sincerely feel that their children should not watch TV during examination time, they should disconnect the cable connection for two to three months before the examinations or abstain from watching TV themselves during the examination time.

Parents must not think that their duty is over once they make TV, mobile and internet available to their children. They must ensure that their children do not suffer from the harmful effects of these devices (such as addiction) till they become mature enough.

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