Visoba gives the experience of God to Namdev

Once all Saints had assembled. Muktabai asked Gora Kumbhar to test all the assembled Saints. He picked up a piece of wood and slowly tapped it on the head of all Saints. When he tapped it on the head of Namdev, Namdev did not say anything, but anger could be seen on his face. His ego was hurt and he thought, 'How can I be tested like an earthen pot ?' Later Gora Kumbhar said, "Except Namdev all other earthen pots are well baked". After listening to this, Namdev went to Vithhal and told Him what had happened. God told him, "When Muktabai and Goroba are saying your head is not developed then it must be true, because you have not taken the shelter of Sadguru. There is this devotee of mine, Visoba Khechar, you go and meet him. He will bestow you with knowledge".

When Namdev came to see Visoba Khechar, Visoba was sleeping with his feet resting on a Shiva pindi (shivaling). Namdev was outraged and asked him to move his feet away from the Shivaling. Visoba told Namdev, "You place my feet in a place where Shiva does not exists". Wherever Namdev would put Visoba's feet, a Shivalinga would manifest there. The entire sanctum sanctorum was filled with Shivalingas. Namdev was perplexed to see this. Visoba Khechar then explained to Namdev, "God is everywhere; but our sensory organs do not realise that". After hearing this, Namdev was filled with devotion. With the grace of Guru he received the knowledge that 'Brahma is everywhere'.

Namdev was one with the sagun form of God. Only with the grace of Guru he could become one with the nirgun form of God.

– Pujya Dr. Vasant Balaji Athavale (1990)