Narali Pournima

Worshipping the ocean is worshipping Varun Deity !

Raining owing to having faith in the prayer power and strong belief : Let me tell you a story my friends! Once there was no rain at all in a small village. So the people in that village decided, ‘Let us all go to the open ground in our village and pray to the Deity of the sea, Varundev and we will get rain.’ Hence the people having faith assembled to offer the prayer to Varundev. A boy had taken an umbrella with him. Looking at the umbrella others asked him, “Why have you taken an umbrella ?” He said, “It will rain after we offer the prayer to the Deity and I will get wet then, hence I have carried the umbrella.” The boy had full faith in the prayer and therefore he was sure about the rainfall. Surprisingly, it really started raining immediately after the prayer was offered by the people gathered there. Friends, prayer has a lot of power in it.

People have full faith that, ‘When Varundevata is propitiated/pleased, there is enough rainfall and that too at an appropriate time’ : Friends, in our Hindu culture, we have faith that God is the Doer of everything; therefore, every year people worship Varundev on Narali Pournima day. We worship the sea taking it as a symbol of ‘Varundev’. To worship the sea means to worship Varundev. People believe that, if Varundevata is propitiated then there will be enough rain and that too at the appropriate time.

Let us worship Varundev on Narali Pournima day having a feeling (bhav) that ‘Varundevata is really present before us’ : In the earlier times people used to consider rain as ‘Varundev’ and worship Him. They used to welcome Him and worship Him on Narali Pournima day having a bhav and faith that, ‘Varundev has really come there’ and express their gratitude. Do we offer worship to any Deity with such a bhav nowadays? Do we welcome Him thinking ‘Varundev has come’? Hence let us have such a bhav towards the Deity and let us worship Him on this day.

Offering gratitude at Varundev’s Holy Feet is the real Narali Pournima! : We get water, electricity due to the grace of Varundev. What will happen if there is no rain at all? Crops will not ripe. We will have to starve because of no food t at all. If we do not get food then will we survive in life ? Besides, we cannot live without water. Friends, when we receive any gift from someone we say, ‘Thank you’ immediately. Then Varundev gives water to us, do we ever express gratitude towards Him for that favour ? No! Right? Now you have learnt the importance of prayer, let us offer gratitude at His Holy Feet and pray to Him. Let this be real Narali Pournima for us!

Are you ready to follow this?

What should we learn from the sea on this occasion ? : The sea accepts water from all rivers without making any discrimination. Hence friends, let us be expansive like the sea. Let us love all equally and treat them equally.

Mr. Rajendra Pavaskar (Guruji), Panvel.

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