Gudi Padva

On the day of Gudi Padva, Brahma created
the universe and Shriram killed Vali

The manner in which we begin our day has an impact on each of the actions we perform during that day. If we start our day ideally then all the actions we do during the day will be perfect. Similarly, a person who begins the New Year ideally as per the Hindu culture and Hindu religion on the day of Gudi Padva will live ideally. Friends, this day has a lot of importance. Brahma created the universe on this day. Shriram, who lead his life ideally, killed demon Vali on this very day. We should also eliminate all the bad things (habits, thoughts etc) and start living a good life from this day.

Today, unhappy and sorrowful people
celebrate Gudi Padva !

Dear student friends, Hindu culture and religion serve as a guide to the whole universe and inculcate in mankind ideal and good virtues. They offer a priceless gift of leading a joyous life to every individual, family and society. Today we have forgotten about Hindu culture and religion. As a consequence of this, lives of people, society and Nations are filled with unhappiness and tensions.

In Bharat, the science behind how mankind should live life happily was taught in the past. The science behind, what time to get up in the morning? What to eat? What not to eat? Which clothes to wear? What rules should women abide by? What and what not should men do etc., was taught. Because of which previously people lead a happy life.

An education system that gives us unhappiness

Friends, people all over the world come to study our way of life. In the past there were universities like Nalanda, Takshashila. They used to teach all types of arts and knowledge. Britishers destroyed our way of life that lead mankind to live happily and enforced upon us an educational system, which allotted ‘degrees’ and lead people to lead life of self-indulgence and unhappiness. Today we see that even little children commit suicides. We do not observe that children’s behavior has changed for better or they have acquired good morals.

Let's see the correct method of celebrating Gudi padvafrom the video given below.

Courtesy : Hindu JanjagrutiSamiti

Instead of starting the New Year on
31st December, which has no scientific or spiritual
base, let us start it on Gudi Padva and aim for a joyous life

Britishers, who destroyed our culture and deprived us from the art of happy living, celebrate New Year on 31st December, which has no scientific reason or apiritual base. Hence we should not celebrate New Year on this day.

The way we daily behave, speak, walk, eat is influenced by western perversity. On 31st December, people get drunk and misbehave all through the night troubling others. It points us that this definitely is not our new year. Friends let us resolve to boycott such western perversity. If we feel that our new year should begin on a happy note then we must begin it according to Hindu culture because there is science and spirituality behind the lunar day of Gudi Padva. On this day we must pledge for an ideal and joyous life and urge all Indians to do so.

Comparative table indicating differencesbetween the two
ways of celebrating New Year i.e. on the dayof GudhiPadwa
as per Hindu culture and on 31st December as per western culture

People beginning New year
on Gudi Padva

People beginning New year on 1st January

1. Wake up time

Before sunrise

Late in the morning

2. Breakfast

After having a bath

Bed Tea. (In the bed)

3. Manner of greeting

By saying ‘Namaskar’

By saying ‘Hello’

4. Compliments

In our mother tongue

In English

5. Diet

Sattvik dishes like rice, roti and vegetables

Tamasik dishes like Pizza

6. Attire

Sattvik dress like Kurta-Pajama

Non sattvik dress like T Shirt-Jeans

7. Method of celebrating birthday

By lighting a lamp and offering prayers

By blowing out candle and cutting cake

8. Behavior with parents

By calling ‘Mataji, Pitaji’ and bowing down

By calling ‘Mummy- Papa’ and saying ‘hi, hello’

9. Behavior with teachers

By calling ‘Guruji’ and bowing down with respect

By calling ‘Sir’ and not behaving respectfully

10. Whose Ideals?

Saint Dnyaneshwar, Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Freedom fighter Savarkar etc.

Bruce Lee, Rock, Salman Khan etc.

11. Evening ritual

Say ‘Shubham karoti’

Watching television

12. Games

Indian games like Kabbadi, Kho- kho

Perverse, violent computer games

13. Dance, music

Listening to Devotional songs, Patriotic songs, Perform folk dances

Singing and dancing on the tune of English pop / rock music

Student friends, on the occasion
of Gudi Padva do the following things without fail

A. Urge everyone to celebrate New Year on this day.

B. In schools, spread awareness about Gudi Padva amongst principals and teachers. Ask them to celebrate this day as a ‘Cultural Day’. Urge them to display on school board importance of Gudi Padva and also write New Year greetings.

C. Participate in the New Year processions.

D. Draw sattvik rangoli in front of your house.

E. Wear sattvik attire like Kurta-Pajama or Kurta-Dhoti. Wear cloths with sattvik colours like blue and pink.

F. Greet your parents, elderly people in the house and Gudhi with namaskar.

G. Exchange New Year greetings with your family and friends in your mother tongue.

Student friends, on this holy day let us resolve the following !

A. I will try to eradicate defects like laziness, lack of planning, lack of consideration for others etc., which give rise to tensions and unhappiness in our lives!

B. I will continuously try to inculcate in others and myself, good virtues of Shriram like obedience, sacrifice, attitude of a warrior etc.!

C. I will try to live an ideal life like Shriram by destroying Ravan like demonic ego!

Abstain from doing the following on Gudi Padva !

A. Drawing rangoli depicting Deities.

B. Wearing western clothes like T-shirt, pants and black colored clothes.

C. Greeting anybody in English.

D. Bursting polluting firecrackers.

E. Playing loud music causing noise pollution.

F. Watching movies.

Pray to Sriram to make us ideal citizens
of an ideal kingdom possessing all the good virtues

Friends, let us celebrate our new year on Gudi Padva as above and motivate others to do the same. By this we will become worthy of God’s blessings in the true sense. On this day let us all pray to Shriram, ‘O Shriram, let us be blessed with ideal rulers like you and an ideal kingdom at the earliest. Make us citizens of an ideal kingdom possessing all the good virtues. Make us able to put in consistent and serious efforts towards eradication of our personality defects and conservation of good virtues.’

– Shri. Rajendra Pavaskar (Guruji), Panvel.