Shiv Jayanti – Importance today!

Celebrating Shiv Jayanti in the true sense is to treat Shivaji as an ideal and act accordingly!

Dear friends, we are going to celebrate Shiv Jayanti according to the Bharatiya calendar system. Do you think that celebrating Shivaji Maharaj’s birth anniversary is limited to playing devotional songs or arranging competitions of patriotic songs? Shiv Jayanti, in its true sense should be celebrated by resolving to inculcate all the virtues that Chhatrapati Shivaji possessed.

Presently it is celebrated as a festival. We must change this situation, as the need of the hour is to lead an ideal life like Shivaji Maharaj.

Compare and contrast our lifestyle with that of Shivaji Maharaj !

Playing games

Playing games that developed warrior attitude : Shivaji used to play games such as wrestling, daandpatta (the simultaneous use of two different handheld weapons), horse riding and fencing. These games developed virtues like fearlessness, fighting spirit, hatred towards injustice, warrior attitude and leadership in him.

Friends, good virtues lay the foundation of our lives. If we play such virtue building games, only then can we develop these virtues.

Virtual games lead towards destruction and hence should be banned : At present children play virtual games on computers. These games, such as rash driving of cars, killing anyone or one another with guns, etc., initiate destructive and perverse thoughts in their minds.

Friends such games weaken and corrupt children’s minds. Owing to the virtual nature of these games, children start living in a virtual world and find it difficult to cope up with the real world. They become self-oriented and patriotic thoughts like ‘I have to live for this Nation’ do not come to their minds. As there is no love for the Nation, how can they protect it? Children, tell me whether we want to become corrupted by playing computer games or prepare ourselves to protect the Nation and religion like the great King Shivaji did by awakening the attitude of a warrior within us? Let us now resolve to put a ban on playing computer games and play real games. This is the right way of celebrating Shiv Jayanti. Will you do it?

Reading and listening to stories

To imbibe good subconscious impressions : Shivaji always used to read and listen to stories about ShriRam and ShriKrushna. These true stories are full of devotion, patriotism and abhorrence towards injustice. They awakened within him loyalty towards the Nation. Thus he was able to restrain the unjust Moghuls.

Imaginary and untrue stories increase perversion : Today, children read and listen to imaginary and untrue stories like ‘Batman’, ‘Spiderman’. As a result, they live in a virtual world. Qualities like nationalism and patriotism are not generated within them. As a result their minds are weakened.

Children tell me whether we would like to become patriotic like Shivaji by understanding true epic stories like ‘Ramayana’ and ‘Mahabharata’ or to become weak minded by ready imaginary stories of ‘Batman’. Let us assure Shivaji that by following his ideals, we want to create an ideal Nation. For that to happen, from today onward let us pledge to read and listen to true stories.

Offering obeisance to parents

Avoid arrogance and cultivate humility : King Shivaji used to bow down in front of his mother and offer obeisance everyday. This developed humility within him. Goddess Saraswati resides where there is humility. As a result, Shivaji mastered many arts.

If we wish to become like Shivaji, we have to pay obeisance to our parents daily. Many children now-a-days speak rudely to their mothers. How can such behavior cultivate humility? We must promise Shivaji, ‘O great king, forgive us for not remembering your ideals. From today onward, we will offer obeisance to our parents every day and cultivate humility within us.’ Friends, will you promise to do this? Behaving in such a manner is truly celebrating Shiv Jayanti.

Following the correct ideal

To follow ideals of ShriRam and ShriKrushna : Shivaji idealized Shri Ram and ShriKrushna. Children’s minds are moulded according to the ideals they follow. If our ideals are good, then we also become accordingly. So it is extremely important to hold the right ideals.

Incorrect to idealize a movie star : Presently movie stars like Salman, Shahrukh, Aamir etc. are children’s ideals. Friends, a person moulds himself according to his/her ideals. What virtue do these people possess which is beneficial to the Nation and society? Friends, they act deceptively on the screen but in real life they are far from ideal.

The person we decide to follow should possess good virtues and should practise what he preaches. Friends, King Shivaji was like this and hence let us choose him as our ideal.


Worshiping the family deity : Worship was the very soul of King Shivaji’s life. He used to chant the name of his family deity and pray for the protection of Religion and Nation as Shivaji believed that his kingdom was his family.Goddess Bhavani had even bestowed him with a sword to help vanquish the Mughals.

Not giving importance to worship : Today, children do not give any importance to worship/prayer. As a result they do not possess fearlessness, happiness and broad mindedness. They avoid offering evening prayers and chanting. Instead they waste that time in watching cartoons, movies and TV serials.

As there is no substitute to worship/prayer, let us resolve to start it from today. King Shivaji would appreciate it and by doing this, we will be offering a perfect tribute to Shivaji.

Resolutions to be made on the occasion of birth anniversary of the great king Shivaji:

A. I will chant the name of my family deity everyday and prey for the betterment of my Nation.

B. I will read epic stories from the Ramayana and the Mahabharata everyday.

C. I will offer obeisance to my mother daily.

D. Idealize king Shivaji.

E. I will watch patriotic serials based on great King Shivaji, Queen of Jhansi, etc., and cultivate thoughts like‘The Nation is my family’.

F. Present my friends with King Shivaji’s biography on their birthday.

G. Read Shivaji’s childhood stories of valour.

H. Learn Karate and club wielding for self-defense.

Dear friends, let us do the following and promise King Shivaji that we will prepare ourselves to protect our Nation!

A. I will not speak arrogantly with my mother.

B. I will not wear western clothes.

C. I will not shake hands with anybody, but will offer namastey.

D. I will not watch cartoons from today.

E. I will not play computer games.

Friends, if we try to observe each of the above points in our behaviour, it would be truly celebrating Shiv Jayanti. If we behave accordingly, an Ideal Nation as per Shivaji’s expectations can be built.

Let us offer our gratitude to God for making us realize our present state and also for suggesting the remedies. ‘O Goddess Bhavani, we pray to you to give all of us the strength and intellect so that we can incorporate the above in our behavior!’

– Shri Rajendra Pawaskar (Guruji), Panvel.

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