Celebrate Republic Day in its true sense !

         On the occasion of Republic Day, the acts that will awaken pride towards the Nation and patriotism and some demands in order to achieve an ideal Republic Nation, are stated in this article. These actions on our part will result in creating an ideal Republic and only then, we will be able to repay the debt of the revolutionaries who sacrificed their life for the Nation.

        My dear friends, we have all learnt the definition of a Republic in Civics. Republic is a nation ‘of the people’, ‘by the people’ and ‘for the people’. But friends, do you feel that ours is a republic? Is it really for the people? No, is it not? On the occasion of Republic Day, let us contemplate on the reasons behind this dismal state.

Lack of pride for the Nation – the basic reason behind all problems

        At present, the country is facing innumerable problems. Corruption is rampant, the national borders are not secure. If this condition persists then our very existence would be endangered. As a responsible citizen of this country, we must take this very seriously and try to find out a solution to it; only then shall we be able to make our country ideal and prosperous. Friends, the main reason behind this problem is lack of the National pride in us. So let us make a resolve that, ‘from today on wards, every action on my part will be such that it will awaken the sense of patriotism in me as well as all those around me.’

Rulers in the present Republic and rulers in an ideal Republic

Rulers in Present Republic Rulers in an ideal Republic
1. Thoughts Selfish Caring for the welfare of  the citizens & having a broad- minded thought that ‘the entire Nation is my family’.
2. What do they offer to people Grief Bliss
3. Attitude
A. Dishonest A. Honest
B. Egoistic B. Polite
C. Corrupt C. Scarifying body, mind wealth & at times even life for the Nation.
4. National Pride Devoid of National Pride Full of National Pride
5. God & Dharma Have disregard Have full faith

Actions to awaken Patriotism

        My dear friends, let us resolve today to act in the following way, in order to change the present miserable condition of our nation.

1.    Stopping dishonour of the National Flag

2.    Studying biographies of revolutionaries and putting their values into practice

3.    Learning patriotic songs and singing them

4.    Putting up slogans and pictures of the revolutionaries on walls at home

5.    Having a revolutionary as an ideal

6.    Giving a small booklet containing information about revolutionaries or their picture as a gift on your friend’s birthday

7.    Encouraging singing of complete song ‘Vande Mataram’

8.    Stopping dishonour of the National Anthem

9.    Organising seminars based on the life of revolutionaries

10.  Behaving as per the national pledge

11.  Organising an exhibition of Revolutionaries and National leaders

12.  Arranging a competition to colour pictures of revolutionaries

13.  Watching films and serials which can help develop National pride in us

         Friends, let us put into practice each of these above mentioned points and tell our friends to do the same.

Some demands to awaken Patriotism and to bring an ideal Republic

        Let us demand some things on the occasion of the Republic Day as a student. If the rulers accept these demands then it will help in awakening a sense of patriotism in every citizen and there will soon be the dawn of an ideal Republic. Let there be a change in our educational system !

A. Stop dishonour of the National Flag.

B. There should be equality in the national education. Do not divide our education by saying international, central and state education and destroy the nationality in us.

C. Education should be imparted only in the mother tongue to every student.

D. Army training should be given to every student.

E. Do not allow to tarnish the image of ideal revolutionaries who inculcated patriotism in us.

F. Do not divide us on the basis of caste, religion and sect.

G. Celebrate the Republic Day according to the Lunar almanac.

H. Let there be no reservations. Admissions in schools and colleges must be based on merit.

I. Make singing of the complete national song ‘Vande Mataram’ compulsory in all schools.

J. Let there be uniformity in prayer in all schools. Let there be one prayer in all schools.

K. Let there be no tie or t-shirt in the school uniform like the British.

        My dear friends, let us resolve to put the above mentioned points into practice on this Republic Day.

– Shri. Rajendra Pavaskar (Guruji), Panvel

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