Celebrate an ideal Holi festival!

Celebrate Holi festival by spreading happiness

Dear friends, we celebrate many festivals in our country as per Hindu culture. On the festival day, we ourselves must be happy and make others happy too. Then tell me my friends, on the occasion of ‘Holi’, do we really behave in a manner that makes others happy ? No. People dislike our festivals. Are our festivals so bad ? Definitely not.

Get rid of malpractices inourfestivals by acquiring knowledge about Dharma

Owing to the lack of knowledge about Dharma, we do not know the spiritual significance and the correct manner of celebrating our festivals. We do not know the science behind the celebration of these festivals. This has led to many malpractices. To curtail these malpractices, it is necessary that each and every Hindu child acquires knowledge about our Dharma. Friends, we will celebrate Holi in its true sense by acquiring knowledge about our Dharma and putting an end to all the malpractices in our festivals.

On the day of Holi, avoid the following actions

1. Do not collect donations forcefully (unwillingly).

2. Do not throw balloons filled with dirty water.

3. Do not waste water.

4. Do not apply colour on anybody forcefully (unwillingly).

5. Abstain from using oil colours.

6. Avoid noise pollution by playing loud DJ music.

7. Do not engage in acts that cause unhappiness to others.

8. Do not cause air pollution by burning tyres.

On the day of ‘Holi’, stop damage to Dharma by practising the following

1. Greet your friends in your mother tongue, i.e. Marathi, Hindi etc.; not in English.

2. Protect nature by using natural colours.

3. Endulge only in those acts which give happiness to others.

4. Educate children to stop malpractices during Holi festival.

5. Pray, “With this Holi, let all the bad qualities within me get destroyed and all the good qualities within me grow.”

Let us obtain God’s blessings by practising the above things on the day of Holi.

Dear friends, let us pray to God so as to help us to put the above in practice.

-Shri Rajendra Pavaskar (Guruji), Panvel.

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