How to celebrate a pollution-free Navratri ?

1. Avoid the following acts during Navratri

A. Avoid use of thermocol

Many people use thermocol in the decoration of the Goddess during Navratri. Thermocol does not dissolve in water. If burnt, it causes air pollution. Hence, its use should be avoided.

B. Do not burst fire crackers

It is inappropriate to burst fire crackers while carrying the idol home. The Goddess does not like sound pollution. By bursting fire crackers the Principle of Goddess gets destroyed and environment gets polluted.

C. Do not play film songs

It is inappropriate to play film songs before the idol of Goddess. Devotion and bhav (spiritual emotion) towards the Goddess will never develop through the music of film songs. Hence, we should oppose this.

D. Avoid dancing with unpleasant gestures

To perform Garba to the tune of film songs is wrong. It will not develop bhav and devotion towards the Goddess. Few individuals dance making ugly gestures while performing Garba. Friends, we should educate people against these wrong acts.

2. Celebrate Navratri in the following manner

A. Pollution-free decoration

Friends, use paper products while decorating the place where the idol is to be installed. Use festoons of flowers and leaves. These easily degrade in nature and do not cause any pollution.

B. Appropriate way to carry the idol to the place of installation

While carrying the idol, chant “Shri Durgadevyai Namah !”. Say chants hailing the Goddess.

C. Play devotional songs

When people listen to devotional songs, their bhav and devotion unto the Goddess is awakened and they experience Bliss.

D. Perform Garba on the tunes of devotional songs

While performing Garba, play devotional songs praising the Goddess in a ‘trital’ manner. While performing Garba, we should forget our own existence and get absorbed in the devotional songs of the Goddess.

         Friends, let us stop the inappropriate practices taking place during Navratri. Let us acquire knowledge and art by acquiring the blessings of Saraswatidevi. Let us obtain spiritual benefit by celebrating Navratri festival in the appropriate way as prescribed in the scriptures.