How Ganapati came to be known as Chintamani ?

Children, Ganapati is the Deity of knowledge. He is the one who bestows good intellect upon us. Ganapati is also called ‘Vighnaharta’, which literally means ‘Remover of obstacles’. Today we will see how Ganapati came to be known as ‘Chintamani‘.

Once there was a cruel prince named Gan. He used to trouble poor people and create obstacles in the meditation of the Sages. Once, he had gone to the forest for hunting with his friends. The hermitage of Sage Kapil was located in that forest. The Sage welcomed Gan and invited him and his friends for lunch. Gan laughed looking at Sage Kapil’s hut (hermitage) and said, “How can a poor Sage like you arrange for food for so many people ?” On this, the sage removed the ‘Chintamani'(wish-fulfilling gem) from his necklace and placed it on a small wooden table. He bowed and prayed to that gem and to everyone’s surprise, a kitchen was formed there. Seats of sandalwood were arranged for everyone to sit and various delicacies were served to everyone in silver plates. Gan and his friends enjoyed the delightful meal.

After the meal, Gan asked Sage Kapil for the magical gem; but the Sage refused, as he knew Gan’s cruel nature. So, Gan forcibly snatched the gem from the Sage’s hand.

Thereafter, Sage Kapil worshipped Deity Ganapati. Ganapati was pleased with the Sage’s devotion and decided to punish Gan. Gan thought that Sage Kapil will fight with him to get back the gem, so he attacked Sage Kapil. By Ganapati’s grace, a huge army was formed in the forest and this army destroyed almost all of Gan’s soldiers. Now Ganapati himself entered the battlefield. Gan attacked Ganapati with a shower of arrows; but Ganapati destroyed the arrows in the air itself. Then Ganapati threw His parashu (Ganapati’s weapon) on Gan and thus killed him. King Abhijeet, the father of Gan, came to the battlefield and bowed down in front of Ganapati. He gave the ‘Chintamani’ back to Sage Kapil and prayed to Ganapati to forgive his son and give him absolution after death. The compassionate Deity Ganapati accepted his prayer.

Ganapati thus helped Sage Kapil get back his Chintamani and so He got the name ‘Chintamani’.

Children, Ganapati is the Deity of knowledge. So, before studying pray to Ganapati and chant ‘Shri Ganeshaya Namaha’. This will help you easily grasp the difficult subjects thus making your studies enjoyable. So children, from today onwards start chanting the Name of Deity Ganapati.