The Destroyer form of Shri Ganesh

Children, today we will have a look at our beloved Shri Ganesh. All of us know about his saviour form – His hand that always blesses His devotees and His compassionate look. Today, we will see a story about His destroyer form, where He killed a demon and saved the Deities from distress.

Once, there was a demon named Sindhurasur. He was very powerful and had a huge army. There was no one who could defeat him and his powerful army. He used to trouble Deities and cause hindrances in the meditation and sacrificial fires of Sages. The Deities and Sages were fed up with his harassment and decided to kill him; but the question was, who will kill such a powerful demon ? So, Sage Parashar went to Shri Ganesh and requested Him to kill the demon.

Shri Ganesh mounted on his mouse and along with His army left for the battle. The sentries of Sindhurasur noticed that Shri Ganesh was approaching to attack Sindhurasur and they, therefore, immediately alerted him. Sindhurasur was very surprised to know that someone was coming to fight him. He was amused by the fact that a child like Shri Ganesh had come to fight against him.

In the meantime, Shri Ganesh stood in front of him and called him for a battle. Just when Sindhurasur was about to crush him, Shri Ganesh showed His miracle. He increased His size to two to three-fold to that of the demon. He lifted Sidhurasur and started beating him. Sindhurasur was drenched in blood. Watching this, his army fled away. Shri Ganesh’s body became red as it was drenched in Sindhurasur’s blood. Thus, Sindhurasur was killed. Knowing that baby Shri Ganesh had killed the powerful Sindhurasur, all Deities praised and applauded him.

Just like Sidhurasur, there was another demon named Angalasur. Angalasur used to emit fire from his mouth and anyone who came within his sight was charred to death. His eyes too used to emit fire and his mouth emitted smoke. Everyone was very scared of him.

Angalasur burnt many forests, fields, animals, birds and humans and turned them into ash. Angalasur knew that he had killed many demons. So, in order to seek revenge on Shri Ganesh, Angalasur started searching for him.

One day Shri Ganesh approached Angalasur and increased His size to threefold to that of Angalasur. Watching this, the demon was scared. Shri Ganesh lifted Angalasur and ate him like a betel-nut. As soon as He ate the demon, His body started burning. So, the Deities and Sages offered Him durva (A fragrant grass used in the ritualistic worship of Shri Ganesh) to cool Him down. The durva helped in cooling down Shri Ganesh’s body.

Again later, Shri Ganesh killed a demon named Vighnasur; so one of His names is Vighaneshwar.

Children, Shri Ganesh is the Deity of intellect. Praying to Him before commencing your studies will help in removing any difficulties faced during studying and thus, help you in studying effectively.