Krishna and Govardhan mountain

         Children, you all must be knowing about Shri Krishna, the 7th incarnation of Shri Vishnu. He lived in the village named Gokul. In Gokul there was a huge mountain known as Govardhan. The cowherds of Gokul lived very happily with Shri Krishna. Every year, they all worshipped the Deity Indra to get good rainfall. Owing to this, Indra developed pride and thought that everything in this world runs smoothly only because of Him, as He delivers rains. Shri Krishna sensed Indra’s pride and so, He said to the cowherds, “We get rain because of this Govardhan Mountain. So, from today, let us worship this mountain instead of Deity Indra.” So, from then on wards, all the villagers started worshipping the Govardhan Mountain.

           Deity Indra became furious on knowing this. He started torrential rains in the village. Owing to the heavy rains, the villagers were scared and they immediately approached Shri Krishna for help. Shri Krishna said, “The Govardhan Mountain, which we have worshipped, will save us from this calamity. Let us all come to gather near the Mountain.” All the cowherds with their sticks gathered. To everyone’s amazement, Shri Krishna lifted the Govardhan Mountain on the little finger of His hand. The cowherds too helped Him with their sticks. Thus, everyone got shelter from the rains under the mountain. Soon, the clouds of Deity Indra were exhausted.

           In this way, Krishna saved the cowherds from the torrential rains. Also, Krishna blessed them, as they helped Him in His task with their sticks. The cowherds attained Moksha (The Final Liberation) as they rendered service to Krishna.

          Children, remember, ‘The house of pride is always empty.’ We feel proud if we are among the intelligent ones in the class and start looking down upon others. But remember, God has bestowed everyone with different qualities. Some may be good in studies, some in painting, some in singing, some are friendly and some are helpful. Hence, never despise others.

         Also, the story teaches us that, the purpose of our life is having devotion to God. Contribute to His noble mission. By doing this, we can attain Moksha (The Final Liberation).

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