How to improve handwriting ?

It is said, ‘A person can be judged from his or her handwriting’. We can judge certain qualities of a person like tidiness, discipline, creativity, etc. just by looking at his handwriting.

There is a famous adage, ‘Beautiful handwriting itself is an ornament'.

Samarth Ramdas Swami has said,

ब्राह्मणें (बालके) बाळबोध अक्षर । घडसुनी करावें सुंदर ।
जें देखतांचि चतुर । समाधान पावती ।।
अक्षरमात्र तितुकें नीट । नेमस्त पैस काने नीट ।
आडव्या मात्रा त्या हि नीट । आर्कुलीं वेलांट्या ।।

– दासबोध, दशक १९, समास १, ओवी १, ३

Meaning : Children should practise by writing each letter several times to make their handwriting beautiful. It should be so beautiful that even intellectual persons feel pleased by looking at it. Each letter should be written very neatly. All words should be equidistant from one another. Also, the curves of each letter should be neatly drawn.

Keep in mind, ‘Bad handwriting is the sign of imperfect education’.

How to improve your handwriting ?

1. Each letter should be written calmly and with concentration.

2. Handwriting should be neat .

3. Keep enough space between two words.

4. Practice writing at least 5 lines a day in a double lined note-book.

5. Take guidance from a person who has good handwriting.

6. As far as possible, use blue-ink pen for writing.