Learn about our Deities who are actually powerful compared to fictitious Superheroes

The fictitious characters being imaginary are not really powerful

Nowadays, there are many entertaining programmes for children on television, based on fictitious characters like Spiderman, Superman, Shaktimaan, etc.  These characters are shown to be helping society during disasters and striving for the good of people. These fictitious characters can fly, become invisible, stop a running train, and emit bullets or destructive rays from their fingers.  It is shown that with the help of the above-mentioned unbelievable characteristics, they wipe out the evil people from the society who trouble common man. Children have developed a fatal attraction towards these characters because of these programmes.  Children feel that these superheroes will come to help them during bad times or during a catastrophe. But, all these characters are imaginary and not real and they will never be real. So, if we call them for help at times of need, in reality they will never be able to come and help us in this real world.

Hazardous acts performed by children

Many children watch television serials or read books based on these imaginary superheroes. They also dress up like them. There is an example showing the harmful act done by children, because of considering these imaginary characters to be real.  A serial named ‘Shaktimaan’ on television had shown in an episode that an evil person was pushing  people down from a tall building, and Shaktimaan comes flying out of nowhere and saves them all. After viewing it, a few children actually jumped down from a tall building, thinking that Shaktimaan will come to save them too. Unfortunately, Shaktimaan never came to save them in this real world and these children lost their lives.

The speed of Hanuman is much more than these Superheroes

We are awestruck by the lightning speed with which the imaginary superheroes like Superman and Spiderman can fly in the sky. But the speed of flight of our Deity Hanuman is not only more than these fictitious characters, but also faster than the speed of our mind. During the battle between Shriram and King Ravan, the powerful evil energies emitted by Indrajeet made Lakshman unconscious. The physician asked to bring the vital herb ‘Sanjivani’ from Dronagiri Mountain to save Lakshman’s life. To bring this Sanjivani herb, Deity Maruti (Hanuman) flew thousands of miles at lightning speed and  brought the whole Mountain of Dronagiri with Him. As soon as Lakshman regained consciousness, Maruti flew back at unimaginable fast speed to place the mountain back in its original place and returned the next day. This was the strength and the quickness of our Deity Hanuman.

When Hanuman had got a chance to meet Sita, in Ashokvan (A place in the kingdom of evil king Ravan), he had prayed her to fly with him back to Shriram. When Sita doubted His strength, Maruti immediately presented His massive appearance before her.

That is why, dear children, instead of having fatal attraction towards these fictitious characters like Superman, Spiderman and Shaktimaan, develop curiosity to learn about the great people from our Epics !

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