Good habits for kids

Children, imbibe these good habits for a physically, mentally and spiritually healthy life

A. Hold a handkerchief close to your mouth and nose while coughing or sneezing.

B. Do not spit or throw rubbish on the road.

C. Share your eatables with your friends, thus involving others too in your happiness.

D. Abide by the word and time given.

E. While leaving home, pay obeisance to God and inform the elders about your going out.

F. Whenever you meet somebody, greet him/her with a Namaskar. Always talk politely with everyone.

G. Pay respect to elders, learned people and Saints.

H. Do not interrupt in between, when two elders are speaking.

I. Avoid sitting on a chair or an elevated seat in front of elders.

J. Do not tease or criticise others.

K. Treat everyone with affection and always be ready to render help to others.

L. Do not wish ill of others and never hurt anyone with your actions or words.

M. Share the knowledge you have gained with others too. Sharing knowledge with others enhances our own knowledge as well.