Eat only home made food for lunch

Now a days, children feel shy to take lunch box to school. They are more inclined to buying and eating road-side food from hawkers. In this article, let us discuss a few points regarding the food that children should have for lunch.

Take only home-made food in your school lunch box

Children, processed foodstuffs like cake, biscuits, chips, etc. that are available in stores, are prepared and stored for a very long time, i.e. they are stale and might also be adulterated. Thus, such food is not nutritious and can cause adverse effects on our health. So, such food should not be eaten for lunch. Instead, we should eat food that is prepared at home. The foodstuffs prepared at home, like chapattis and vegetables, pohe (rice flakes), etc. are not adulterated and have more nutritional values. Also, as this food is prepared by our mother with love, it is invaluable. Therefore, children, take only home-made food to school in your lunch box.

What to do at lunch time ?

A. Wash your hands and legs before eating your lunch.

B. Open your lunch box and before having food, pray to Kuladevata (Family Deity) or the Upasyadevata (Deity of worship) saying, ‘I am offering this food at your feet and eating it as your Holy sacrament.’

C. If any fellow student has not brought his lunch, then you can share your lunch with him.

D. Finish all the food in your lunch box. Do not waste anything.

E. Do not let the food particles fall on ground. If food particles fall on the ground by mistake, then pick them up and throw in the dustbin.

F. Drink small quantity of water and wash your hands and mouth.(After 1 or 2 hours drink water as per your requirement)

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