How to behave in school, the Temple of knowledge ?

During our school days, most of the time is connected with school and studies. School is a temple of knowledge and also an important medium for imbibing sanskars (subconscious impressions). Therefore, if  children make it a point to understand everything and put it into practice during this period, their life would become disciplined and ideal.

Behave in this way in school

1. If you come to school on a bicycle, then park it properly in a row and keep your school bag in the class.

2. While assembling for prayer on the school grounds, come in a row from the class and stand in a row. When the  prayer is over, go to the class in a line.

3. As soon as you take your seat in the class, pray to Deities of learning and knowledge, that is, Shri Ganesh and Shri Saraswatidevi.

4. A prayer should be offered to Kuladevata (Family Deity) or Upasyadevata (Deity of worship) at the beginning of each period.

5. If you want to ask any question to your teacher when he is teaching, instead of asking it loudly, take the permission of the teacher by raising your hand. Ask your question only when the teacher permits you to do so.

6. At the end of the period, pay gratitude to God saying, ‘I could follow the lesson taught by the teacher very well only because of Your Grace; I pay my gratitude at Your lotus feet.’

7. Try to keep your classroom as well as the school premises clean by throwing rubbish like paper balls, the waste after sharpening your pencil, etc. in the dustbin only.

8. Treat your friends affectionately and lovingly. Be ever ready to help them.

9. Pay respect to all the teachers, office-staff and peons in the school.

Avoid this behaviour in school

1. Do not answer the roll call of your friend who is absent.

2. Do not eat anything when the class is going on.

3. Let there be no commotion during the free time between two periods.

4. Do not harass other students in your class by teasing, beating or sprinkling ink on their uniform.

5. Avoid making a false complaint to the teacher against anyone.

6. Try to keep your books neat and clean, free from ink spots. Take care not to disfigure the pictures in your book by drawing beard or moustache on the faces of the pictures in the book.

7. Avoid scribbling your name or carving lines on the benches and walls of the classroom.

8. Do not give false excuse of ill-health to escape the P.T. (Physical Training) period.

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