Returning home from school – Do’s and Don’ts

1. As soon as school is over, go home directly and do not wander around. If you are going to be late due to any reason, then inform your mother about it, or else she would get worried.

2. While on the way to home, do not banter or pick up fights with others.

3. Do not eat chips or chocolates while returning from school.

4. If there is a shop on the way, pick up things such as milk, vegetables, etc. required at home. This might be of great help to your mother.

5. After coming home, keep your shoes, school bag and books at their appropriate places and wash your hands, feet and face.

6. Change your uniform and wear fresh clothes.

7. Ask your mother and then have some snacks.

8. Remove the lunch box from your school bag and wash it.

             Children, put into practice these small things and become a ‘good child’ of your parents.