Parents, help your children become successful

        It is the desire of all parents that their children get good marks and become successful in life. There is nothing wrong in this; but it is necessary that every issue regarding their success should be clear in the parent’s minds. For this, it is necessary that parents have a very clear vision of their own life and their idea of success; and should ask themselves the following questions:

1. Am I content having money and worldly success as the only aim of my life? Should my children step on the same path as me or should I make them understand and help them experience life’s expansiveness ?

2. I want my child to become something in particular in the future; but does my child also wish to be the same ? Or does he have some other ideas or dreams ? Have I given him any freedom of following his dreams?

Consider the following points while planning your children’s timetable

         Every child’s timetable cannot be the same. Your child’s timetable should depend on the following points :

1. The child’s personality, that is, whether studious or mischievous or intelligent, etc.

2. Available amenities.

3. Minimum time required for studies.

4. The time of the year, that is, it should be different during exam period and different at other times.

5. The class in which the child is studying.

Other points that should be considered while making a timetable

1. How much time is required for doing homework?

2. How much time is required to understand a lesson?

3. How much time is required to remember a particular point or answer?

4. How much time is required to memories any topic?

        In short, the aim of timetable is not just determining the amount of time that should be devoted by the child for studying. Instead, it should be based on the nature of the child, his aptitude, the minimum time required for his studies, level of priority to be given to studies, time of the day when the child is able to study the best, studying when the child is completely fresh etc. The children should also be given adequate time to play with other children in fresh air. This will make them feel fresh and will help them concentrate better on studies.

As parents how can you contribute towards your children’s studies?

        First of all, you should consider the age group and the ability of your children. Then, recognise what kind of help the children need and try to help them accordingly. For example, some children might only need to be reminded about studies, some may only need encouragement, and some may need practical help in their studies. Some may need help with all these things, but at different times. Thus, parents should recognise what kind of help the children need and should help them according to their own proficiency, capability, time availability and other priorities.

–  Dr. (Mrs.) Nandini Samant (Psychiatrist and parent)

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