Learn the skill of planning and lead a happy life!


         In order to understand the importance of planning, let us take two examples – One of Sham, who does not plan and second of Ram, who plans everything in advance.

Condition of Sham due to absence of planning : Sham acts at his will, that is, without planning his activities. Hence, he takes a longer  time to complete each task. As a result, a lot of his time is wasted. He does not contemplate upon what additional things he could do during the day. He does not realise his capacity, that is, how much time it takes for him to complete any task. That is why he is unable to use his potential completely and so, he is unsuccessful.

Condition of Ram due to planning : On the previous day, Ram makes a list of the tasks to be accomplished the next day. Thus, he saves a lot of time by finishing each of his tasks in a minimum time. He contemplates upon doing each task in a better way. He studies his capacity by finding out how many things could be completed in how much time. He enhances his efforts to improve his capacity to work. That is why he is always successful. Everyone loves and respects him.

         If you too feel like becoming successful as Ram, then it is necessary to plan all your activities well in advance.

Necessity of planning

         Time is invaluable. Time, once passed never returns. God has given us a precious human life. Nowadays, an average lifespan of a human being is just 60-70 years. If we wish to utilise all these years fruitfully, then it is necessary that we plan our work. Since life is limited, it is essential to do each thing on time.

Lot of time is wasted due to lack of planning

         We waste a lot of time everyday without reason  and unknowingly as there is no planning. Many times, 1 to 2 hours are wasted for a task that could have required hardly half an hour if we had  planned it in advance. In this way, 3 to 5 precious hours in a day and even more than that on a holiday get wasted.

How to plan ?

         Make a list of all the tasks to be accomplished in a particular day from morning till night. Decide the time to be allotted for completing each of the tasks.

Acting according to the plan

         To act according to the allotted  time, means acting according to the plan. If we devotedly stick to a time management plan, then much time is saved and we can do more things in a short time. Thus, we can utilise our time to do many good things.

         Children, the quality of ‘Planning’ is ever useful in our life. It saves a lot of our precious time and labour. So learn the skill of planning to lead a happy life !