Vegetarian Diet – Its Importance and excellence

1. Vegetarian diet contains sufficient proportion of proteins required by the body.

2. Vegetarian people are agile, healthy and long-lived. George Bernard Shaw, who had a healthy life of 94 years, was a strict vegetarian.

3. Many famous personalities of the West were vegetarians – Plato, Socrates, Aristotle, Rousseau, Goldsmith, Milton, Newton, Shelley, Voltaire, Caesar, Vegnate, Thoreau, Tolstoy, Field Marshal Montgomery, Harry Whitcraft, Brig, Grophi, Tragi, Anthony Quinese , Malcolm, Mugeris etc. All of them say that man can live a very healthy life consuming a vegetarian diet.

4. Modern Science has proved beyond doubt the excellence of a vegetarian diet.

– Gurudev Dr. Kateswamiji

Eating a vegetarian diet means following the law of nature

God, while creating this world, has laid down certain rules pertaining to the type of food to be eaten by different beings. Accordingly, in order to tear up the raw meat of seized animals, wild animals have long and pointed canines and a typical teeth row in their jaw. On the other hand, the incisors of human beings are not so sharp and hence incapable of tearing up meat. Human teeth can easily chew vegetarian food and masticate it.The arrangement of human’s teeth is similar to that of the cow. According to the law of nature, the cow eats only vegetarian food. Thus, for human beings eating a vegetarian diet means following the law of nature and religion.

With a view to enhance the sattvikta (Purity) of food prepared at home, one should recite, ‘Ramraksha Stotra and other Stotras,and pray to Sri Annapurna Devi while cooking food. In addition, food stuff offered to the Deity should be mixed in all the utensils containing foodstuff, so that all those who eat that food will be benefited.