Place occupied by Play and entertainment in the life of children

Play has great importance in the life of children as well as adults. We come across the references from the ancient time about the games played during the then culture. Some people opine that to play is nothing but a waste of time; but if we consider the advantages of the games, then they outnumber the disadvantages.

1. Games play a very important role in the growth and development of children !

Toys are very useful in the physical, social, mental and intellectual making up and development of children. A child learns automatically to mix with its peers and play amicably with them. Children also learn to cooperate with one another. Religious festivals, family celebrations, so also picnics, create a very cheerful atmosphere which brings about a change in the monotonous daily routine of children.

A. Play reduces the stress of studies and other activities from the minds of children.

B. Team sports help in developing team spirit in children.

C. Games enhance imagination.

D. Games teach to face victory and defeat alike. They educate to accept a defeat with a smiling face.

E. Games make them accustomed to obey the rules laid down.

F. Qualities like intelligence, ability to plan and judge get enhanced – to some extent – due to games

2. Games help in the physical and mental development of the children

Cycling and other sports played on the ground give physical exercise to the children which help them strengthen their bodies. They also imbibe muscle movements. Children are taught through games and toys in the kindergarten. Games also help in the mental development of the children.

3. If a child is unable to express its emotions then the emotions get exploded causing destructions

If a child is not able to express its emotions, then the suppressed emotions get manifested by banging, breaking and destroying. It tries to get a way out for its suppressed mind and emotions by destroying its toys.

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