Children, take care of your books in this way !

        Samarth Ramdasswami has given an advice to all of us in ‘Sri Dasbodh’ saying, ‘The one who does not take care of one’s books, is a fool.’

Start reading your book only after wrapping it neatly with a plastic cover !

         The plastic cover protects our books from getting soiled by perspired hands, oily substances or dust.

Please never turn the pages of a book by touching your finger to your tongue !

         You come across many people who have a dirty habit of touching their finger to the tongue before turning pages of a book. The spittle on the pages of the book you have handled might cause infection to the next person who reads that book.

Do not fold the corner of a page of the book as a book-mark !

1. The page might get torn at the fold.

2. Use a thick thread as a book-mark in the book or keep a piece of paper as a book mark.

While keeping a book in the cupboard keep it in a horizontal position !

         If you keep a book in a vertical position, then its pages might get loose at the binding. If you keep it in a slanting position then it might get a permanent bend.

Other instructions

1. Do not write anything else but your name and address on the book. Do not scribble on it !

2. Do not deface the pictures in the book or tear pages from it !

3. After reading a book, do not throw it but keep it down with reverence !

4. Do not let your feet touch any book, if it happens unawares, then pay obeisance (Namaskar) to it !

        Friends, take care not only of your own books but also of books brought from any public or school library.