Children, let us overcome the adverse effects of our educational system with the help of our virtues !

1. A student becomes ideal due to his good qualities and not by the marks he gets in the examination

         My friends ! Today’s education system is completely exam oriented.  In it, the merit of a student depends upon the percentage of marks he scores in the examination. However, true education means eradicating the personality defects in oneself and nurturing the virtues.  A student has secured 90% marks, but he has many personality defects in him; then  has he developed completely?  So, along with the high percentage of marks one should also judge whether his personality defects are decreasing or not. If a boy is securing a high percentage of marks, but has defects like arrogance, dishonesty, rude behaviour, then how can we call him clever? The present education system is one sided. Both the things mentioned above should have the same importance as that of marks obtained in the examination. As this is not done, we do not see all-round development of the children. That is why we come across children behaving strangely in the society.

2. Imbibing good qualities rather than merely securing good marks is true education !

         Nowadays we find negative qualities among the children, like speaking arrogantly to the parents, using abusive language, giving back answers to one another, lying, harassing others. It affects the society, family and the child too. If any boy has ‘anger’ as a defect then would he ever be happy? No! That means, trying to eradicate the vice  ‘anger’ is educating oneself. O children!  Our behaviour should be such that it gives happiness to the parents as well as to the society. If that is not so, then one should bring about a change in oneself.  Just scoring good marks will not help in changing oneself.

3. Exam oriented education system has increased the menace of copying

         Owing  to an exam-oriented education system, marks are everything  to the children.  This leads the students to copy, that is, ‘to rob marks’ during the exams. This perversity is increasing day-by-day. Is it right to copy? If a student scores higher marks by copying, then can we call him a bright or an ideal student? No. Not at all!. This breeds a tendency of stealing in future.

4. Real education means loving each other and eradicating jealousy and hatred !

         Nowadays a student’s calibre is judged by his marks in the examination. So, the student scoring the highest marks in the exams becomes a goal of his classmates and everyone tries to compete with him. Competition leads to hatred rather than developing love for one another. In fact, education means to eradicate hatred and develop love for one another.

5. Present  education system is not able to make the students fearless and it leads to things like suicide !

         A wrong impression is  created on the minds of the students that, ‘marks mean everything;  if higher marks are not obtained then the life is useless’. This impression makes the students tense and they suffer from depression and commit suicide.  Education means making the students fearless. Students should be capable  to find a way out of a minor failure rather than getting disappointed by it.

6. Greatest wealth in life is devotion to God !

         Children, from where did Pralhad, a devotee of Lord Vishnu,  get fearlessness? Pralhad was never scared of death, which he was facing at every place. Which school did Pralhad attend?  Children, Pralhad was eternally chanting the Name of God. The one who remembers or chants the Name of c imbibes all the qualities of God. God has all the qualities. So let us start remembering God from today onwards and be endowed with all  qualities.

7. Children, leave aside that narrow-mindedness and be proud of your Nation !

         Nowadays students have developed a narrow-minded attitude of studying a subject just to obtain marks. Children learn History just to obtain good marks. They never give a thought to things like, ‘I want to be like this particular National Hero, I must have patriotism like him’. This thought itself does not take root in the children.  Children should do away with the narrow-minded attitude and must take pride in  the Nation.

8. Knowledge shines due to politeness

         Children, education should make us polite. We cannot grasp knowledge unless we are polite. We should always be polite. Politeness is the beginning of learning.  Bur the present examination system does not generate politeness in children. Let us try it from today on wards.

– Mr. Rajendra Pavaskar

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