Relationship between a parent and a child

1. Never dominate a child. Try to develop friendship with your child.

2. Converse politely with your child.

3. Check one’s own conversation before speaking to a child.

4. Do not expect too much from your child. This will help develop a healthy relationship with your children as they grow.

5. Always keep in mind, children crave for love and not money

6. Give maximum time for your child.

7. Listen to their problems patiently.

8. If you go wrong, accept your fault in front of your child. This will set a good example for your child.

9. Every child has his or her own physical and mental capability.Respect it. Never criticize your child in front of others.

10. Be very careful, while speaking to children. Never try to develop a negative attitude in a child’s brain. Never discourage a child by saying “You don’t know.” “You will never be able to do.” “When will you learn to be patient?” “You irritate me.” This can disturb a child’s mind.

11. Never criticize your child in front of guests or new-comers. Instead speak to your child with love.

12. Never disclose what your child is not able to do in front of others; instead one can put forth the good qualities. But, at the same time, one should avoid false appreciation.

13. Every parent should be humble enough to learn certain qualities or good virtues from children.

14. If a parent is spiritually inclined or there is regular practice of spiritual discipline in the form of puja, chanting of name of deity (Japa) or reading of spiritual books at home, children imitate their parents and thus it helps in developing a positive and spiritual discipline in a child.

15. Always keep in mind that “God is the guardian of my child.”

If we adopt the above mentioned practices, this may help us create a good generation development of our nation.

-Shri. Girijay Prabhudesai