Computer Games

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Computer and the cyber-technology generated by it remind us of creation of simulated Universe created by Sage Vishvamitra. Computer which was supposed to be a possession of intellectual class and a luxury item is now an essential commodity which has become an inseparable part of our day-to-day life. Even if the benefits of computer to the mankind are manifolds and not to be ignored, its ill-effects cannot also be overlooked. This text narrates some of such ill-effects of computer.

1. Effects of computer games on physical level and on perceptions of mind

Due to sky-rocketing prices of residential properties in the cities, there is an acute shortage of playgrounds for outdoor sports. This resulted in indoor games replacing outdoor games. Even in indoor games the computer games are being adopted to a greater extent due to availability of various types of computer software technologies. This has adversely affected physical health and mental perceptions of players.

2. Effects of Free-trade practice   and commercialization of parenthood

In today’s custom of having a nuclear family, both the parents are earning members of family and as a result the child is left alone at home. Since parents do not find time to take care of needs of their children, parents succumb to any of the wishes expressed by the children whether these are good or bad for their future. Parents take recourse to child psychology to justify their actions. The children are presented with computer, mobile phone, video games, lap-top, digital camera, two-wheeler, four-wheeler etc. even without any insistence from them.

3. Children get waylaid from participation in normal activities of life due to computer games

Children spent not only hours but days together sitting in front of their computers playing computer games. They are so obsessed with attaining further levels of these games, going to next stages of the games; they start overlooking their regular school and college studies, examinations, their normal household duties, relations with kith and keens. They think of computer games day and night. Even their conversation with their friends in the same age group revolves around subjects like computer games and its latest technology, various gaming software etc. Very few children think that the computers games are just a past time for amusement. Majority of them get fully involved with computer games on the mental and active levels.

4. Any hint of awareness to the contrary from parents or teachers is also overlooked

Of course the parents do not find time to monitor closely the activities of their children. “Our duty is over once the children are made aware” is a normal reaction of these parents.

5. Types of Computer games :

Racing and others

5 A. Games depicting violence develops similar traits in children : In first type of games, the bloodshed and violence is freely employed to overpower the enemy. Such games are very adeptly played by even children in age group of 6-7 years. By playing such games, the bad attributes like anger, envy, adopting violent means to secure something which cannot be made easily available, thoughts of greed, self-centeredness, negativity, aloofness etc have been developed beyond tolerance limit among children.

B. Strategic games enticing mind and intellect : Next types of games, though apparently appear harmless due to absence of violence in these games, these make one to build up city, empire from the minimum inputs provided for that purpose. The part of virtual management in these games is very much challenging and enticing for mind and intellect. This in turn makes these games last for many days to few weeks.

5 C. The racing games teach you to win by hook or crook : In third type of games, the races of two-wheeler and four-wheeler are organized. If you cannot win the race by fair means, you are forced to break traffic and other rules, cause injuries to your opponents just to win the race etc. The ill-effects of playing these games can be witnessed in actual life when you see the children try to race ahead of other vehicles by breaking traffic rules, racing on the road while riding on cycles or two-wheeler. This is not only dangerous to their lives but is harmful for health of society also.

6. Computer games involving immoral activities have caused downfall of moral standards of society

Apart from above games there are much other kind of games available on computers. These include gambling, pornographic activities etc. These are exhibited so blatantly as if these are inseparable part of healthy social life. By playing these games all concepts about what is normal and what is pornographic are mislaid; there by destroying the very foundations on which social morality is built.

7. Why experience the demoniacal technology ?

Today, the Western civilization is experiencing this demoniacal technology. As a result the present generation which has been nurtured by higher technological education, is falling victim to depression, negativity, immorality and violence. The children in the age group of 6-7 years are shooting their teachers and parents, underage virgins falling victims to sexual advances and getting pregnant, directionless youth, insecure senior citizens are some of the gifts given to Western civilization by higher technology.

8. Do not get entangled in illusory computer games !

The mere glance at the world of computers and the computer games will convince you that this is nothing but a sort of illusory obstruction on the path of a mankind’s day-to-day routine business activities.