Ill-effects of addictions

Addiction affects physically

Smoking, drinking alcohol, consumption of drugs, eating scented tobacco (Mawa/Gutkha), etc. cause disorder of teeth, throat, lungs, heart, liver, kidneys and also breathing & digestive systems resulting in development of cancer and other deadly diseases.

Mental ill-effects of addiction

Addiction reduces the capability of mind and intellect of a person resulting in mental distress. Similarly lot of money is spent on meeting the expenditure needed to fulfill the desires of addiction. This means one is paying to purchase the distress caused by diseases.

How to get de-addicted?

It is wrong to presume that ‘to get de-addicted is impossible’. One should fight with the tendency of addiction with all his might and overcome this deadly habit. By relying on the help from your near and dear ones and strong will, it is possible to get de-addicted.