How to develop patriotism and religious pride among children?

1. The Present : Now-a-days young generation badly lacks the sense of of patriotism and religious pride. If this situation continues, our nation will shortly be devastated. So we must try to develop sense of patriotism in our children.

2. Through unity and homogeneity of the citizens of the nation, integrity of the nation is ensured. Today’s children are the citizens of tomorrow. So it is necessary to develop extreme patriotism amongst children right from early days. Otherwise they cannot develop sense of making sacrifice for the welfare of society and nation when they grow up. In Israel. citizens scattered all over the world could come together after so many generations to built up a new nation, just because of strong sense of nationalism inherited by them from early generations.

1. Imparting correct outlook to children on the mental and intellectual levels

In fact the sense of patriotism should have been created in children from the study of history, but unfortunately our educational system is quantity oriented in stead of quality based. The children are evaluated on the basis of marks they score in examination, so the students only pay attention to scoring more marks. The students learn history only to get good marks. This outlook needs to be changed urgently. History should be learnt not only to get good marks but also to develop patriotism. The parents and teachers should imbibe the same outlook then only they can change way of thinking of children. If our next generation doesn’t have any affection towards our nation, then we will be doomed soon. If nation survives, our society will survive, and then only I will be alive. This feeling must be inculcated in the minds of children.

2. Narrate small instances from history to arouse patriotism among children

Review of students should be taken to find out if they develop sense of patriotism by studying the history. For example, study of the sacrifices made by freedom fighters to achieve freedom and then how do they feel if they see our national flag strewn on the ground on Independence Day. Such questions need to be asked to them regularly to stop disrespect being shown to for our national flag. They should be encouraged to view such movies which will develop love and respect for our nation.

3. Sense of gratitude for those who sacrificed their lives for our nation

In order to develop patriotism among children at a young age, we must teach them to pay respect and be grateful to those freedom fighters and revolutionaries who endured hardships in jails to achieve freedom. Similarly, we must teach them to respect the soldiers engaged in securing borders of our nation.

Patriotism and readiness to sacrifice for the nation can only be inculcated by a religious base. The idea that, sacrifice for the nation is more important than personal happiness should be impressed upon the minds of children. Only developing love for the nation will not suffice to inculcate a sense of sacrifice for the nation, since this can develop selfishness and ego in their minds. However, if a religious base is also present, then a sense of selflessness and sacrifice will also be generated simultaneously.

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