Eat homemade food instead of Fast Food !

Friends, you must be fond of food items such as vada-pav, pav-bhaji, pizzas, Chinese food, biscuits, potato chips and cold drinks beyond measure. But are you aware of the adverse effects of consuming these items in excess? These have a harmful effect on our mind and body. We think on the basis of whatever we eat and in turn act according to what we think. The following story is an example.

Once, a Sanyasi committed a theft at kings palace after having his meal. The king was shocked at this incident and sought to find out how even a Sanyasi could commit a theft. In the investigation, he found out that even the cook who had prepared that day’s meal had committed a theft. In this way, the food served became a medium to pass the bad habit !

Harmful effects of Fast Food

Some ingredients from the cold drinks, the flour that is used to make biscuits, the oil that is repeatedly used for making Vadas, all these things have adverse effect on our body. Many times the places where these items are prepared are not clean. This food is not nutritious and is difficult to digest. Despite being expensive, fast food fails to fulfill our hunger.

On the other hand Homemade food is fresh, healthy and easy to digest. Not only does it satisfy our hunger but also provides us with rich nutritional content.

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