Twelve names of Ganesha

Pranamya Shirasa Devam
Gauriputram Vinaayakam l
Bhakataavaasam Smare Nityam
Aayuh Kaamartha Siddhaye ll 1 ll

Meaning: Every day, I bow down to that Lord, the son of Gowri, the Lord one who lives in the heart of the devotees, blessing them always with good health and prosperity.

Prathamam Vakratundam Cha
Ekadantam Dviteeyakam l
Thriteeyam Krishna Pingaaksham
Gajavaktram Chaturthakam ll 2 ll

Meaning: Starting from here the twelve names of Ganesha are mentioned and he is worshipped in those different forms. The first as the Lord with the curved trunk; second, as the one with only one tusk, third, as the one with black (red/brown) eyes, fourth, as the one with giant structure.

Lambodaram Panchamaam Cha
Shashtam Vikatameva Cha l
Saptamam Vighnaraajendram
Dhoomravarnam Tathaashtamam ll 3 ll

Meaning: Fifth, as the one with a big (long) stomach, six, as the one with a huge body Seven, as the remover of obstacles, eight, as the one with smoke gray color.

Navamam Phaalachandram Cha
Dasamam Tu Vinaayakam l
Ekaadasam Ganapatim
Dvaadasam Tu Gajaananam ll 4 ll

Meaning: Ninth, as the one with moon on the front of His head, tenth, as the foremost leader, eleventh, as the leader of the ganas, twelfth as the one with elephant face.

Dvaadasaitaani Naamaani
Trisandhyam Yah Pathernnarah l
Na Cha Vighna Bhayam Tasya
Sarva Siddhikaram Prabho ll 5 ll

Meaning: Any person, who remembers these twelve names of Ganesha, three times in a day, will have all their obstacles and fear removed and will attain success. (This group of verses is said to be sage Narada’s offering to Lord Ganesh.)