Propagation of religion other than Hinduism in Tirupati Tirumala is an offense

Andhra Pradesh Propagation of Other Religion in the Places of Worship or Prayer (Prohibition) Ordinance, 2007

Indian constitution guarantees freedom of religion and the right to propagate one’s religion. The efforts of converting Hindus  are done with the shelter of this legal situation. However, Andhra Pradesh ( now Simandhra and Telangana) had passed a commendable ordinance.

Under this ordinance,

  • Any form of religious propaganda, except related to Hinduism, is banned around the temple.
  • The seven hills of Tirumala would remain a place of worship only for Hindus and prohibited propagation of other faiths.
  • There are many other temples given in the notification.

Readers are requested to go through the two files and utilise them.