Shriram and Vali

Friends, Bhagawan Shriram was born on the day of Shriram Navami. Now, we will see how Shriram, who was ready to sacrifice everything, even his wife, for the sake of His subjects, slayed the evil vali Read more »

The story of Rama

ShriRam was the chosen succesir to King Dasharath. But fate willed otherwise and on the behest of his step mpther Kaikeyi, He had to forsake his claim to the throne and live in exile for 14 years. Read more »

A true devotee

Once upon a time, there lived a king who was very rich and powerful. He was a devotee of the Deity Shiva. As he slept, he dreamt that Shiva appeared and told him he was not a true devote.. Read more »