Shivaji Maharaj : Founder and an ideal ruler of Hindavi Swarajya

         Chhatrapati Shivajiraje Bhosle, who is known as the founder and an ideal ruler of Hindavi Empire, is revered as an all-inclusive, compassionate King in Maharashtra and all over Bharat. In order to fight against the enemy, using the system of guerrilla war, which was ideal for mountainous regions in Maharashtra, he fought with regimes of Adilshah of Vijapur, Nizam of  Ahmednagar and also the most powerful Mughal Empire at that time and sowed the seeds of the Maratha Empire. Although the empires of Adilshah, Nizam and Mughals were powerful, yet they fully relied on local chiefs (sardars) – and killedars (Officers in-charge of Forts). These sardars and killedars were causing a lot of distress & injustice to the people under their authority. Shivaji Maharaj relieved them from this brutality and set an example of very good governance before the future kings.

         If we try to take a review of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s personality and his regime, we come to know many things. His personality was a combination of highest qualities like bravery, might, physical capability, idealism, organising skill, strict and planned governance, diplomacy, courage, foresightedness and so on.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj

1. Worked very hard to increase his physical strength during his childhood and youth.

2. Studied  various weapons  for  might.

3. United simple and sincere mavalas and kindled in them faith and idealism.

4. Taking an oath, he involved himself totally in the mission of establishing Hindavi Swarajya. Conquered important forts and built new ones.

5. He subdued many enemies by using the formula of attacking at the right time and signing a treaty if the need arises very cleverly. He tackled treason, deceit, and enmity within Swarajya very successfully.

6. Used guerrilla technique very shrewdly while attacking.

7. Made proper arrangements for ordinary people,  farmers, brave soldiers, religious places and for so many other things.

8. Most important of all is that, he formed a cabinet of 8 ministers (Ashtapradhan Mandal) to look after the total governance of Hindavi Swarajya.

9. Tried to develop Rajbhasha very seriously; he patronised various arts.

10. Tried to awaken the spirit of self-respect, might, loyalty to Swarajya in the minds of downtrodden, depressed subject.

         All these things were achieved by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in just 50 years of his lifetime !

        Self-respect and the faith in Swarajya kindled in the 17th century inspires whole of Maharashtra even today.

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