Shri Vigneshwar, Ozar

Ashtavinayaka or eight Ganeshas are located in Maharashtra state. The Ashtavinayaka yatra or pilgrimage covers the eight holy temples of Ganesh. All the eight Ashtavinayak Temples are Swayambhu(self-originated) and Jagrut.


A king called Abhinandan one day decided to become the King of Heaven. To achieve this goal he started a Yagya, a sacrifice. When Indra the King of Heaven heard this he decided to create obstacles in the king’s path. He summoned Kalpurush and asked him to destroy King Abhinandan’s Yagya. After doing so Kalpurush acquired the name Vighnasura, the creator of obstacles.

Vighnasura then went on a rampage and destroyed all Vedic practices on earth. The gods realised that they had to destroy this destructive force and they turned to Gajanan for help, who in those days was at the ashram of Sage Parashar.

Gajanan took birth as the son of Parshwaputra and his wife Deepvatsala. This son then fought valiantly with Vighnasura, who had to accept defeat. He surendered himself to Ganesh and asked to be blessed. Ganesh said that he would be let him go, but made him promise that he would never enter any place where Ganesh was being worshipped. Vighnasura accepted this on condition that Ganesh be known by his name.

So Lord Ganesh came to be known as Vigneshwar or Vighnaharta.Ozar it is believed is whereGanesh resided as Vigneshwar.


Shri Vigneshwar

Shri Vigneshwar

On the banks of the Kukdeshwar river, Ozar is where Shri Vigneshwar resides. Ganesh is known as Vigneshwara or the remover of all obstacles, a title he achieved by vanquishing the demon Vighnasura.

The temple of Shri Vigneshwar is Purvabhimukh, facing the east. It is protected by a stone border from all sides. Standing on this boundary one can see the Lenyadri Mountain where Lord Girijatmaj resides and the Shivneri fort, a historic fort belonging to Shivaji.All the walls of the temple are covered with attractive and colourful pictures.

Location : Maharashtra – Pune – Ozhar

By road :Pune-Nashik Highway, turn at Narayangaon towards Junnar, follow directions to Ozhar.