Shri Sant Gora Kumbhar (1236 to 1317 A.D)

In the village of Teredoki lived a devotee of Lord Vitthal by the name of Gora Kumbhar. A potter by profession, he would always be engrossed in singing bhajans (devotional songs) of Lord Vitthal and chanting the name of Pandurang (Lord Vitthal) even while working.

Once, his wife left her child in the courtyard where Gora Kumbhar was working and went to bring water. Gora Kumbhar was busy in preparing the mud required to make the earthen pots and was as usual engrossed in singing bhajans of Pandurang. His child playing near him, fell in the shallow ditch where the mud for preparing the pots was laid. Gora Kumbhar was churning the mud with his feet. While doing so, he accidentally crushed his child under his feet. He was so lost in singing the bhajans of Pandurang that he didn't even hear the cries of his child.

On returning back, his wife started searching for the child. As she was unable to find it, she went to Gora Kumbhar to inquire about their child. There, her eyes fell on the churned mud, which had become red with blood. She realised that her child had been crushed under the mud. She started wailing in grief. As an atonement of this mistake, Gora Kumbhar broke off both his hands. Due to this, his pottery business suffered a setback. Thereafter, Lord Vitthal and Goddess Rakhumai started living in his house in the guise of labourers. As a result, his business started to flourish again.

After a few days, on the auspicious day of Ashadhi ekadashi (11th day of the month of 'Ashadh' of the Hindu lunar almanac), the famous saints, Sant Dynaneshwar and Sant Namdev were on their way to Pandharpur. On their way, they came across the village of Teredoki. There, they asked Gora Kumbhar and his wife to accompany them to Pandharpur.

Sant Namdev started delivering a kirtan (Devotional discourse). All the other saints sat down to listen to him. Gora Kumbhar and his wife also sat down to listen the kirtan. During the kirtan, people raised their hands in the air and started clapping and singing praise of Lord Vitthal. Even Gora Kumbhar instinctively raised his broken arms in the air. To everyone's surprise, hands sprung up from his broken arms. All the saints were glad to see this and they all sung praise of Lord Pandurang.

Gora Kumbhar's wife realised how merciful Lord Vitthal is. She loudly said, "O Lord, my child was crushed under my husband's feet. The loss of my child has made me miserable. Lord, please have mercy on me. Give me my child back." A few seconds later, she saw her child crawling towards her. The merciful Lord Vitthal had heard the prayers of his devotee. She lovingly took the child in her arms. Everyone present there expressed their happiness with a loud applause.