Greetings of Sri Ganesh Chaturthi

On the day of Sri Ganesh Chaturthi, as also during the days of Sri Ganesh festival, Ganesh Principle is a 1000 times more active on earth. Worship of Sri Ganesh during this period bestows greater benefits.

Greeting on Bharat’s Independence day !

Today is Bharat’s (India) Independence day .HJS pays homage to the freedom fighters with whose sacrifice we are able to see this day. Hindus the all politicians have purposefully forgotten the sacrifice of the freedom fighters. We should not commit the same mistake.

Narrow-minded supporters of narrow-minded science !

Dear Hindus, evidences of Lord Ram and Krushna’s existence are not found during through excavation or through science. Is Lord Ram and Krushna responsible for this or the narrow-minded science and the unrighteous people who on the basis of this bounded science assume that Ramayan and Mahabharat never happend ?

Goals of politicians compared to goals of seeker under Spiritual Practice

Favouritism to specific castes, corruption, hooliganism, doing whatever it takes for getting elected are the goals of politicians, whereas obtaining final liberation through individual spiritual practice and establishing divine kingdom through collective spiritual practice are the goals of the seekers !

Rites are the experiments of highest order, beyond the reach of science.

The various rites specified in Hindu dharma, right from birth of an individual till its death like marriage, rituals like Vastushanti and the rituals performed for a departed soul (Shraddha) are commensurate to acquire God. Ritualistic worship, sacrificial fires etc. are the direct medium for acquiring God. Is there a single experiment in Science which … Read more