HJS has been striving to bring together all ‘Dharmaveers’ ! – Shri. Rajasingh Thakur, MLA, Telangana State 

Third State-level Hindu Convention at Bhagyanagar (Telangana)

From left – Shri. Chetan Rajhans, Sri Sri Tridandi Vrutadhara Ramanuj Jiyar Swamiji lighting lamp, Shri. Rajasingh Thakur and Shri. Chetan Janardan

BhagyanagarHindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) has undertaken the mission of bringing together all ‘Dharmaveer (those fighting for protection of Dharma)’ for establishment of Hindu Rashtra and I congratulate HJS for the same. Bhagatsingh had brought together all organizations. Similarly, HJS is also working. Everyone should get associated with such organization. Fanatics are preparing for creating severe bloodshed in the coming times. Few fanatics from Bhagyanagar’s old parts are joining ISIS for dividing this country; despite living here because of their mentality, stated Shri. Rajasingh Thakur, BJP- MLA from Telangana and the Founder of Sriram Yuva Sena.

HJS held State-level Hindu Convention on 1st and 2nd April for Telangana and Andhra Pradesh at Kacheguda Shyam Baba Temple’s hall for ‘Hindutvavadis’ from these States. Shri. Rajasingh Thakur also expressed remorse that he was unable to do anything for protection of Hindu Dharma though he was a political leader.

The Convention was started with blowing of conch; followed with recitation of ‘Veda-mantras’ and lighting of lamp by Saints. The purpose of holding such Convention was then explained to devout Hindus. ‘Hindutvavadis’, advocates, thinkers and writers from 14 districts of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh participated in the Convention; besides, organizations like Shiv Sena, Shriram Yuva Sena, Shivashakti, Netaji Sphoorti Kendra, Hindu Dharma Raksha Samiti, Hindu Yuva Sena and Sanatan Sanstha.


1. A VCD was shown on clarification of doubts amongst ‘Hindutvavadis’ regarding establishment of Hindu Rashtra, references made about Hindu Rashtra in ‘Saptarshi Jeeva-nadi and in other ‘Naadi-shastra’.

2. It was decided by ‘Hindutvavadi’ advocates during group-discussions to associate 2 advocates to HJS activities and meet once in a month.

3. Shri. Balgopal Jaikrushnaji, ‘Dharmadhikari’ of Kanchi Kamkoti Peetham provided the hall and meals for free.

4. Guidances given on the first day of Convention were covered by 6 main newspapers and 2 TV channels and 4 main newspapers and one TV channel published speeches given on the second day of Convention.

Shri. T. N. Murari praising Sanatan seekers

Just by looking at Sanatan seekers, one gets happiness. They should be paid respect as they are practising spirituality, stated Shri. T. N. Murari, the President of Shiv Sena for Telangana State.

Views expressed by participants during State-level Hindu Convention

Lessons on secularism are taught in Bharat instead of Hindu Dharma ! – Sri Sri Tridandi Vrutadhar Ramanuj Jiyar Swamiji, ‘Peethadhipati’, Jagannath Mutt, Seetaram Baug (Bhagyanagar)

Education on religion followed in respective country is imparted in that country; but only in Bharat instead of Hindu Dharma, lessons on secularism are taught. Hindus face trouble whenever they forget the name of Shriram. There is need to protect the biological mother, Bharatmata and ‘Gou-mata’ in present times. All this is possible with establishment of Hindu Rashtra; therefore, every Hindu should make a resolve for the same.

Hindu Rashtra is the only solution to all problems ! – Shri. Chetan Rajhans

It is necessary to unite all Hindus but it is even more necessary to unite pro-Hindu organizations. There is not a single Hindu Rashtra in the world and the only reason for the same is teaching secularism ! PM Narendra Modi said in 2014 after forming Government that he wanted ‘sab ka saath, sab ka vikas (everyone jointly work for everyone’s progress)’. There is no alertness towards Dharma in today’s rulers. If there is no alertness towards Dharma, then how is progress possible? Can starting metro railways or constructing shopping malls be called progress ? When is corruption and raping going to be stopped and when will security system, judiciary, education, medical fields be developed ? After getting freedom, Bharat never had a ruler like Shriram, Krushnadevrai or Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Establishment of Hindu Rashtra is the only solution to all problems.

HJS has been imparting ‘Dharmashikshan’ to people for seeking God’s blessings ! – Shri. T. N. Murari, President, Shiv Sena, Telangana State

Awareness needs to be created amongst people towards problems ! – Shri. Chetan Janardan, HJS, State Coordinator for Telangana and Andhra Pradesh

Presently, everyone is facing corruption and immorality in every field. Education, judiciary and police department are full of corruption. Establishment of Hindu Rashtra can only eradicate corruption. Awareness should be created amongst people of this country towards the problems faced by them for establishment of Hindu Rashtra so that people will certainly take active part in the process of establishment of Hindu Rashtra.

Important points taken up during Convention

1.Guidance was given on creation of ‘Brahma-Tej’ in self which is necessary for working for ‘Hindutva’ and why ‘Hindutvavadis’ need to undertake spiritual practice.

2. Topics like use of different media for Hindu unification and common action program were tackled in group discussions.

3. Advocate Nilesh Sangolkar gave information on various activities successfully undertaken by Hindu Vidhidnya Parishada and clarified doubts of participating advocates when they told about the judicial obstacles faced during working for protection of Dharma.

4. Shri. Chetan Rajhans gave guidance on ‘Course of establishment of Hindu Rashtra’

5.  Shri. Bharatkumar Sharma, the Chief Editor of ‘Mukta Telugu TV’ and ‘Hindavi Sanskruti’ magazine explained difficulties faced by media while propagating Hindu Dharma.

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