Regional Hindu Adhiveshan held by HJS at Pune

Releasing a book – from left – Sanatan’s Satguru (Kum) Swati Khadye, Samartha-devotee Mandarbuva Ramdasi and Shri. Abhijit Deshmukh of HJS

Pune – Worshipping Shriram Samartha, resolve of establishment of Dharma, punishing enemies and remembering God is the main route of moving towards Hindu Rashtra. Establishment of Hindu Rashtra is necessary for welfare of the Universe. If we undertake ‘samashti sadhana’ along with ‘vyashti’, that will help in God realization. An enlightened person and a person, who sacrifices his life for protection of his nation and Dharma, attain liberation. If those striving for protection of nation and Dharma work together, Hindu Rashtra will be established sooner, stated Samartha-devotee Mandarbuva Ramdasi while addressing regional Hindu Convention held on 26th February at Walvekar Hall by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS). Sanatan’s Satguru (Kum) Swati Khadye and Shri. Abhijit Deshmukh of HJS were present on the occasion. The Convention was attended by around 150 office bearers of various pro-Hindu organizations from Pune, Nagar and Nashik, members and dignitaries.

The Convention was started with blowing of conch; followed with ligiting of lamp by Samartha-devotee Mandarbuva Ramdasi. Sanatan’s book on Chants for remedies on physical and mental distress; Parts 1 and 2 in English, were released on the occasion by Samartha-devotee Mandarbuva Ramdasi and Satguru (Kum) Swati Khadye. Kum. Vaibhavi Bhovar, a seeker of Sanatan with 65% spiritual level, read out a message sent by Sanatan Sanstha’s Founder ‘Paratpar Guru’ Dr. Athavale for the Hindu Convention. Sou. Rajashree Tiwari of HJS explained the purpose of organizing such Convention. H.B.P. Bhanudas Maharaj Tupe and ‘keertankar’ H.B.P. Anand Maharaj Tambe were also present on the occasion.


1. Slogans were raised spontaneously by participating ‘Hindutvavadis’ during concluding program.

2. A new kinship seemed to have been developed amongst all ‘Hindutvavadis’ through the medium of this Convention.

3. An exhibition of Sanatan’s books and ‘sattvika’ products was held at the venue of the Convention which received good response from ‘Hindutvavadis’.

4. Few ‘Hindutvavadis’ made special mention of ‘sattvika mahaprasad (lunch)’ provided during the Convention.

5. One ‘Hindutvavadi’ commented that the planning of the Convention was well disciplined.

Enlightening views expressed by Saints and dignitaries

Samartha-devotee Mandarbuva Ramdasi expressing his views during the Convention

1. We should always be in communion with God while undertaking various types of ritualistic worships so that the worship reaches our God in the form of ‘Hindu Rashtra’.

2. It is necessary to remove the severe hatred spread by non-Hindus amongst Hindus so also remove ignorance of Hindus towards Hindu Dharma.

3. As per the saying in Geeta viz. ‘Paritraanaaya saadhunaam….’, we need proper direction and to make a resolve for carrying out our mission so that Hindu Rashtra is established soon.

Help of Bhagavan Shrikrushna is necessary ! – Satguru (Kum) Swati Khadye

Struggle and spiritual practice will be required for establishment of Hindu Rashtra. We have to work righteously without ego. Pro-Hindu organizations have been working for past many years but they do not seem to have gained expected success; because God’s grace is not sought by them. It is necessary to undertake spiritual practice and acquire God’s grace. Spiritual practice helps to get God’s grace and creates ‘Dharmabhiman’. Establishment of Hindu Rashtra can be accelerated by taking help of spiritual practice and Bhagavan Shrikrushna.

Hindu unification is required at all levels for establishment of Hindu Rashtra ! – Shri. Abhijit Deshmukh

Shri. Abhijit Deshmukh

‘Hindutvavadis’ are working for establishment of Hindu Rashtra; but other Hindus are divided in many social, regional, language-based or community-based organizations. Lokmanya Tilak had brought together all such organizations at the time of freedom fight. He had united leaders of ‘Teli-Tamboli’ community, leaders of labour organizations, leaders of ‘Jyotish Parishada’, national-level leaders of all-India Congress and patriotic journalists and editors from Pune. He tried to bring together as many communities as possible. We have to keep Lokmanya as our ideal and try for unification for establishment of Hindu Rashtra. We can also plan to present the subject of establishment of Hindu Rashtra by arranging meetings, rallies or ‘one-speaker’ meetings of such united groups which will help to promote the subject of Hindu unification for establishment of Hindu Rashtra. Our ‘Dharmashastra’ says ‘Sanhata hi Mahabalah’ which means unity generates huge strength and power. It has therefore, become necessary to unite Hindus from all strata and fields for establishment of Hindu Rashtra.

Loudspeakers are against fundamental rights of people ! – Advocate Nilesh Sangolkar, Hindu Vidhidnya Parishada

Advocate Nilesh Sangolkar

‘Quran’ does not permit use of loudspeakers; still noise pollution is created by fitting them over mosques. Under Noise Pollution Act, it has been stated that loudspeakers may be used only for 15 days in a year for ‘namaz’. In countries like Switzerland, also in Oxford University area, there is ban on use of loudspeakers. Different Courts have passed verdicts prohibiting noise pollution caused through loudspeakers. Still police give reason of law and order problem and avoid taking action against loudspeakers. Use of loudspeakers is against fundamental rights of people to live peacefully because use of loudspeakers creates a situation under which the fundamental right of people to have sound sleep, is violated.

Little curb over corruption thro’ RTI Act ! – Chandrakant Warghade, Founder President, Mahiti Adhikar Seva Samiti

Chandrakant Warghade

The Right to Information (RTI) Act has helped in keeping little control over corruption. Under this Act, it is mandatory for the Government to furnish information asked by citizens. Its effective use can help in fighting against many anti-social tendencies. Another benefit of this Act is, it creates awareness in people about their having upper hand and duty of State administration is to serve people.

Be ready to eliminate corrupt governance in democracy ! – Advocate Sanjiv Punalekar, Secretary, HVP

Advocate Sanjiv Punalekar

Presently, there is inauspicious coalition between the progressive and anti-national factions. A corrupt management has been developed under democracy and we have to get ready to break such corrupt governance. Progressive factions are against existence of Hindus. They support Muslims. The only agenda of the progressive faction was burning copies of ‘Manu-Smruti’ which has now changed to taking morning walks. Hindu accused in Malegaon bomb blast case are still in jail despite pro-Hindu Government’s taking over reins of the State. Shriram Sena’s Shri. Pramod Mutalik has been banned from entering Goa. There is no action on the issue of construction of Ram Mandir.

Creation of ‘Panun Kashmir’ is a step towards establishment of Hindu Rashtra ! – Rahul Kaul, National Convener, Youth for Panun Kashmir

Rahul Kaul

It is for seven times that Hindus have run away from Kashmir. Situation as in Kashmir is created even in many other parts of this country; but through the movement of ‘Ek Bharat Abhiyan’, organizations from all over the country are extending active support for creation of ‘Panun Kashmir’. It will help to eradicate jihadi terrorism and ‘Panun Kashmir’ will be created. It will be a step towards establishment of Hindu Rashtra.

Advocates should come forward for extending legal aid to ‘Hindutvavadi’ activists ! – Advocate Suresh Kulkarni, Founder-member, Hindu Vidhidnya Parishada

Advocate Suresh Kulkarni

Anti Hindu-culture program like ‘Sunburn’ was held in Pune though it was strongly opposed by ‘Hindutvavadis’ and it violated rules related to conservation of environment. Petition should be filed with ‘National Green Tribunal’ to foil attempts of holding such programs in future. ‘Hindutvavadis’ experience suppression at Government administration level; therefore, advocates should come forward and extend legal aid to them.

Shri. Nagesh Joshi of HJS gave information to participating devout Hindus on various demonstrations, including demonstrations staged under ‘Rashtriya Hindu Andolan’

Shahiste Khan in the form of ‘Sunburn’ should be banished from Maharashtra ! – Parag Gokhale, HJS

Parag Gokhale

The so-called progressive factions and environmentalists made an appeal on the day of Mahashivaratri against offering milk on ‘Shiva-pindis’; but they were hiding when a program like ‘Sunburn’ encouraging addictions was held in Pune. Lot of tree-cutting, digging and flattening/ leveling of land was carried on at the venue of this program. Environmentalists did not oppose to illegal, anti-environment program like ‘Sunburn’ festival. ‘Pujya’ Sambhaji Bhide Guruji met the Guardian Minister and Chief Minister and appealed to them for cancellation of program like ‘Sunburn’. Shri. Sharad Ponkshe, a senior actor also opposed to ‘Sunburn’; still the Government allowed it, claiming that it was only an entertainment program. Hindus and local residents, however, got together against ‘Sunburn’. Information was obtained under RTI about the wrong things done by organizers of this festival and more than Rs. 1 crore by way of fine was levied. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj had banished Shahiste Khan from Pune. Similarly, let us banish Shahiste Khan in the form of ‘Sunburn’.

Outcome of group discussions

Groups were formed of participating ‘Hindutvavadis’ during regional Hindu Convention and discussions were held on topics like RHA, social rallies and drives against anti-religious and anti-social tendencies. Participating ‘Hindutvavadis’ spontaneously took part in all group discussions. The active outcome of all the discussions is as given below.

  • Pune city will be free of loudspeakers
  • Demonstrations against attacks on nation and Dharma will be attended by more than 2500 ‘Hindutvavadis’.
  • Issue of Hindu Rashtra will be spread thro’ 12 social rallies
  • 8 Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabhas will be organized; 3 ‘Dharmashikshan’ classes and a self-defence training class to be started.
  • Handbills imparting ‘Dharmashikshan’ will be distributed on religious and other festivals so as to reach the subject to 36500 people.
  • 15 issues related to social interests to be taken up and meetings will be held immediately on 5 issues; demonstrations will be staged on 3 issues as early as possible.
  • Work-shop on use of RTI Act will be held at 3 places for effectively carrying out activities related to protection of nation and Dharma.
  • Exhibition of ‘Dharmashikshan’ boards to be held during Kanifnath Maharaj’s ‘darshan-sohala’ on 2nd March at Chakan.
  • On 7th May, during the common marriage ceremony and during fairs held on the occasions of ‘Pournima (full moon day)’ and ‘Amavasya (new moon day)’ on Karavade village, boards will be displayed on ‘Dharmashikshan’.
  • Construction of proposed Haj House will be opposed in lawful manner.
  • Attempts will be made to prevent corruption in Government and charitable hospitals

Advocate Suresh Kulkarni giving legal fight for curbing corruption in ‘Cooperative’ field was felicitated on the occasion

Satguru (Kum) Swati Khadye felicitating advocate Suresh Kulkarni

Advocate Suresh Kulkarni who has been successfully giving legal fight against corruption in ‘Cooperative’ field was felicitated on the occasion by Satguru (Kum) Swati Khadye. He had filed a petition with Mumbai High Court’s Sambhajinagar Bench for bringing audit of companies in Cooperative field under RTI Act.

Resolutions passed

Bharat should be declared as a Hindu Rashtra under Constitution !

A resolution was presented by Satguru (Kum) Swati Khadye while concluding the Convention that – Hindus’ holy scriptures like ‘Vedas’, ‘Puranas’, ‘Ramayana’, ‘Mahabharata’ and ‘Bhagavat Geeta’ that teach welfare of the Universe, were produced in Bharat. This sacred land of Bharat taught truth, morality, tolerance, Sanskrut, mathematics and philosophy to the world based on Hindu culture. The sacred land of Bharat which is considered as their motherland, land of Gods by 100 crore Hindus all over the world, should be declared as Hindu Rashtra through Constitution of this country. All the participating devout Hindus passed the resolution unanimously amidst acclamation of ‘Jayatu Jayatu Hindu Rashtram’.

Indirect inquiry by police even during Convention

A policeman in plain clothes portraying as a daily worker came to the Convention saying that he saw the board outside and then he made inquiry about the programs. After sometime, a call was received from local police station asking for names of speakers. During this time, a policeman in plain clothes, came to the venue and inspected the schedule of the program. (Had police been so vigilant about programs held by fanatics, this country would have been freed of terrorism by now. Instead of wasting their time in making inquiry about Conventions held in lawful manner, police should utilize their time in search of terrorists ! – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat)

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