Discussion held on TV-9 channel on the topic ‘Is there glorification of Godse’s ideology ?’

Are the persons opposing the play (Mi Nathuram Godse Boltoy), know more than Censor Board and Court ? – Shri. Ramesh Shinde, national spokesperson, HJS

Shri. Ramesh Shinde

 Mumbai : It is wrong to oppose a play when Censor Board’s permission has been obtained. Earlier Government had imposed ban on the play titled ‘Mi Nathuram Godase Bolatoy’. Later, permission was granted by Court to continue shows of this play. Those, who don’t agree with the points presented in this play, need not watch this play. Are the people opposing to the play, above Censor Board and Court ? asked Shri. Ramesh Shinde, national spokesperson of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) during a discussion program telecast on TV-9 news channel titled ‘Bol Maharashtra’ on the topic of ‘Is there glorification of Nathuram Godase’s ideology ?’ A discussion program was telecast in the background of a new play being staged by Sharad Ponkshe titled as ‘Hey Ram Nathuram’. BJP’s spokesperson Ram Kadam, actor Sharad Ponkshe, Congress spokesperson Atul Londhe and Sambhaji Brigade’s spokesperson Dr. Shivanand Bhanuse participated in discussion program.

Reckless blabbering of Atul Londhe, spokesperson of Congress which is responsible for partition of this country !

Said that credit of partition went to the British, Hindu Mahasabha and Sangh !

Hindu Mahasabha first presented the theory of two-nations and created situation for partition of this country. Swatantryaveer Savarkar had made an appeal to Travancore’s King, Dongra Sansthanik, Kashmir’s King Harisingh for establishment of independent Hindu Rashtra. During British regime, Hindu Mahasabha and Muslim League had united to rule in Bengal when Fazlukh Haq was the Chief Minister and Shyamaprasad Mukherjee, as the Dy. Chief Minister. Why history during 1923 to 1945 has not been presented in this play ? Godase is not just a person but there was RSS principle behind him. We are against ‘Brahmani’ attitude that supports ‘Manu-vaad’.

Dr. Shivanand Bhanuse, spokesperson of Sambhaji Brigade talking of taking law in hand

Threatens to stop shows of this play !

Law has to be taken in hand to express symbolic opposition. One has to be given reply in the language that is understood by that person. Mahatma Gandhi’s murderer Nathuram Godase is being glorified in this play. Murders of Saint Tukaram, Kalburgi, Dabholkar and Gandhi have been committed by people of the same mentality. Such plays should be banned. What is the contribution of Nathuram Godase to this country ? We shall not allow shows of this play. We will have discussions only after shows of this play are stopped.

Nobody should take law in hand and spoil communal harmony ! – Ram Kadam

All types of thinking are welcomed in democratic rule. Discussions can be held on the issues and decisions can be taken in the interest of the State; but the Government cannot support violence. If one doesn’t like some form of art, opposition can be registered against the same. Expressing opinion through violence cannot be promoted. Sambhaji Brigade can give representation against the play. I am ready to discuss the issues with them.

Shows of the play will be continued despite opposition ! – Shri. Sharad Ponkshe, actor

By throwing ink on the posters of this play cannot throttle the ideology explained in this play. It is very unfortunate for a play to face such opposition. Such things happen when there is lack of capability to oppose. In fact, opposition to a thought should be expressed through thought. Who is supporting murder ? Instead of watching the play, opposition only for political interest is wrong. Gandhiji would not have liked such opposition at all. If only such type of ‘sanskars’ are among the persons showing opposition, nothing further can be said. I will continue shows of this play despite opposition.

Apt replies by Shri. Ramesh Shinde to the points raised by persons opposing this play !

1. Improper to raise doubt about patriotism of Nathuram :

In 1938, Nathuram had led the troupe of 400 revolutionaries fighting for freedom of Hyderabad. It is, therefore, wrong to raise doubt about patriotism and contribution of Nathuram towards freedom of this country.

2. Why those, opposing this play do not talk about houses of Brahmins set on fire after Gandhi’s murder ? :

How can violence be promoted after Gandhi’s murder ? Those, who are opposing this play, especially Congress are doing everything against Gandhiji’s principles. If one person of a certain community resorts to violence, is it right to hold responsible the whole community and burn their houses ? Does it fit under principles promoted by Gandhi ? Gandhi considered Gokhale as his Guru. Who was Vinoba Bhave who practised Gandhi’s ideology? Is it right holding whole community guilty, as per our Constitution ?

3. Those taking objection to Gandhi-assassination should first learn the meanings of assassination, killing and murder !

Wrong meaning is taken out from the word ‘Gandhi-vadh’. In fact, they should understand the meaning of words like assassination, killing and murder. There is a mention of culpable homicide in Indian Constitution from which difference between assassination and murder cannot be explained. There are words like ‘Abhimanyu-vadh’, ‘Dronacharya-vadh’ etc in Mahabharata that does not mean that Abhimanyu or Dronacharya were demons.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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