An innocent member of Hindu Dakshata Samiti brutally beaten up by SP

Tulzapur: Shri. Amit Kadam, an active member of Hindu Dakshata Samiti (HDS) was unnecessarily beaten up by Shri. Shyam Dighavkar, the Superintendent of Police (SP). Shri. Kadam was later admitted to Government hospital. All Hindu organizations have condemned such impudent act of the police and warned them of holding agitation against them.

Shri. Kadam was riding his two-wheeler when the Superintendent of Police and a policeman followed his vehicle and asked him to stop on one side. While asking him to stop the vehicle, the SP hit Shri. Kadam on his back with his stick. As shri. Kadam asked him why he was unnecessarily hit, the SP lost his cool and started abusing and beating him all the more and took him to the nearby city police station.

Even at the police station, Shri. Kadam was brutally beaten up on his head, stomach and chest. As he was also hit on his eye, his eye was swollen, there were markings of the stick on his body. Shri. Kadam tried to tell the facts to the policemen but they were in no mood to listen. Later Shri. Shinde, a local police inspector arrived on the scene. He told the SP that Shri. Kadam was a gentleman and a member of HDS.

The SP said that he had hardly beaten up Shri. Kadam. Shri. Kadam was told that he should not tell about the incident to anyone. Later he asked Shri. Kadam to give in writing that he had behaved impudently and then only, he would be released. Shri. Kadam had therefore, no choice but to give it in writing.

In the late evening, Shri. Kadam visited Sanatan Sanstha’s bookstall. He felt giddy and fell down. He was therefore, admitted to local hospital. The medical officer, on duty, examined Shri. Kadam when he noticed that Shri. Kadam was severely beaten up, his blood pressure was high and he was under lot of stress. He therefore, called the police. A policeman came and took down his statement. The policeman also asked him to go to the police station after he was released from the hospital.

Recently, HDS gave a representation to the police to be vigilant and avoid malpractices during the ‘Navaratri’ festival as thousands of devotees visit Sree Tulaja-Bhavani temple. Shri. Kadam was one of the active members in giving that representation.

Staunch Hindus warn to seek help of Human Rights Commission for suspension of the Superintendent of Police

Shri. Amit Kadam, a member of Hindu Dakshata Samiti (HDS) was brutally beaten up by Shri. Shyam Dighavkar, the SP of Usmanabad. In a Press Conference held here, Shri. Rajendra Bunage of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) gave a warning that all Hindu organizations would start a relentless campaign if the SP in question is not suspended.

A complaint will also be lodged with the Human Right Commission. The Press Conference was held in the office of Shiv Sena and was attended by the party members, members of HDS and HJS and other staunch Hindus.

Leaders of Shiv Sena publicly condemned the incident. Other leaders felt that the incident shows anti-Hindu mentality of police and whether the SP would have dared to behave in such manner with a Muslim. It was also demanded that the SP should render public apology for behaving in this fashion. Police, instead of taking strict action against those indulging in terrorist activities, are harassing innocent Hindus. It shows their impudence.

While the press conference was going on, 5-6 policemen in plain clothes were on keeping vigil at the venue. A police correspondent from Crime Branch was trying to attend the Press Conference. But he was identified and was not allowed to attend as no invitation was extended to him.

The said SP has harassed many people. Two of such victims came for the press conference. In one case, the SP had taken away few packets of ‘prasad’ from his shop and distributed among people. This SP has caused financial losses to even other 10 businessmen.

(If a police superintendent beats up an innocent person then how would he discipline his assistants? Police would lose credibility by behaving in such manner. Why the police do not use their stick to punish Muslim traitors rather than misusing it on innocent, secular Hindus. It is the need of the hour that Hindus should unite and teach a lesson to quash their bullying and inspire awe on them.

The duty of the police administration to take strict action against such officers. The peoples’ elected representatives should have taken the matter seriously. But it is not happening and people have to take the path of agitation. If this incident had taken place with a Muslim person, would the Government react in the same manner? Congratulations to staunch Hindus for deciding to teach a lesson to such anti-people police officers. ? Editor)

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