The Islamic legacy of Congress and threat to India.

The Congress-Zakir Naik-Jihad Triangle


Dangerous Jihad Malware detected in Anti-Hindu Congress System. Scan is going on to neutralize the threat. Don’t turn off it before the scan is completed.

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | New Delhi : In July 2013, when I compiled an article and published it in Hinduexistence as, “Congress is the Father of Islamic Communalism in India. It is quite natural for them to save SIMI, IM and oppose Hindutva“, I was expecting a huge protest from the Congress corner. But, I saw a very supportive feedbacks, comments and views to that article and  many of them were of Congress supporters. Then I wrote that article mentioning Congressi propaganda against ‘Saffron Terrorism‘+ and repeating a charge against RSS ‘to make a conspiracy by setting the 26/11 Mumbai attack for blaming Muslims in India and degenerate Pakistan’+. One anti-Hindu and pro-Pakistani journalist  Aziz Burney, Editor-in-Chief of Urdu Sahara newspaper wrote a book named “RSS ki Sazish 26/11” and the contemporary Congressi ideologue and veteran Digvijay Singh gladly released that book in Mumbai in 6th Dec 2010.

Most of the congress supporters do not know the real history of Congress and they think that Congress is a nationalist party, a secular force and saviour of this country by default. But, as a matter of fact, maximum of them are absolutely unaware of real communal history of Congress right from Gandhian support for  ‘Islamic Khilafat’, ‘Mopla Carnage’  down to the Nehruvian indulgence to ‘Partition of India’. All these steps of Congress stalwarts helped the Islamists in India to organise, reorganise and being successful themselves to make ‘Two Nation Theory’ alive and ultimately two Islamic countries by partitioning the united India.

In this line of Muslim appeasement and Islamic influence, the present day leadership of congress right from Sonia Gandhi, Digvijay Singh, Sushil Kumar Shinde, Ghulam Nabi Azad  to the Crown Prince of Congress Rahul Gandhi — all are involved with Political Jihad under a Pan Islamic design only to harm the Hindu identity of India or the National Spirit of the country. So, these are very natural that Digvijay Singh finds a conspiracy of RSS for 26/11 mUmbai attack, Sushil Shinde spreads the theory of Saffron Terrorism, Rahul Gandhi renders sympathy to Pro Azadi subversive elements in JNU, Ghulam Nabi Azad  equates Uri Attacks by Pakistan with the demonetization by PM Modi and finally, Sonia Gandhi takes donation from Zakir Naik’s Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) for her Rajiv Gandhi Charitable Trust (RGCT). We also happened to see how Rajiv Gandhi satisfied the All India Muslim Personal Law Board and Islamic Clerics going against the Shah Bano Case judgement of Hon’ble Supreme Court of India. All these show nothing but the Islamic legacy of Congress more evidently and bare shamelessly.

Yes, NIA (National Investigation Agency) now reveals that Rajiv Gandhi trust had applied to Zakir Naik’s NGO for ‘donations’+. Dr Zakir Terror Naik’s IRF had allegedly offered donation of Rs 25 lakh to Rajiv Gandhi Charitable Trust (RGCT) in Dec 2011. This second donation was ready to transfer months after IRF donated Rs 50 lakh to RGCT at first phase. As per documents procured by TOI, in case of both the donations, applications were received from the Rajiv Gandhi Charitable Trust headed by the present Congress President Sonia Gandhi.

It is amazing but not unthinkable that Congress grew an unholy nexus with Jihadi Mentor Zakir Naik and its organisations and that may be initiated by its prominent ideologue Digvijay Singh who was a fan of Zakir Naik potentially.

Actually, a video had been emerged of the Congress veteran, Digvijay Singh sharing the stage with Zakir Naik who inspired terrorists with his vitriolic speeches. In that video of September 2012, Digvijay Singh was praising controversial Zakir Naik, calling him a messenger of peace. But, Congress never condemned  the connection of Digvijay Singh with the Jihadi Mentor Zakir Naik rather it helped the controversial televangelist to continue his business in India and took donation from Zakir Naik’s organisation.

As per a report of TOI, “Controversial preacher Zakir Naik’s NGO Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) had allegedly offered a second donation of Rs 25 lakh to Rajiv Gandhi Charitable Trust (RGCT) in December 2011, months after it donated Rs 50 lakh that is already in the public realm.

Documents seized during raids on Naik’s now outlawed outfit show that it had wanted the Rs 25 lakh donation to RGCT to be routed via Mumbai-based M H Saboo Siddique Maternity and General Hospital, but the hospital ended up utilizing the money itself after IRF kept vacillating on who should be the end beneficiary. Besides RGCT, it had also recommended Allahabad-based Kamla Nehru Memorial Hospital Society, and KARM, an NGO in Mumbai.

Significantly, according to resolutions passed by IRF in June-July and November 2011, the two donations of Rs 50 lakh and Rs 25 lakh were extended to RGCT on the basis of applications received from the trust which has Congress president Sonia Gandhi and vice-president Rahul Gandhi on its board of trustees. This contrasts with Congress’s claim, made when the Rs 50 lakh donation became public, that it never solicited donation from IRF. RGCT did not respond to TOI’s queries based on the documents in its possession”.

One may rise a point of order that of Digvijay Singh’s ignorance about Dr Zakir Naik at the material point of time when Digvijay praised Zakir as a World Messenger of Peace, not a Hate Preacher or the Mentor of Islamic Terrorism alias Jihad. But, all these are bogus hypothesis as the history of Congress is always matched with the radical proliferation of Islam in India as narrated before. The relation between Congress and Jihadi outfit like IRF is established well and dangerous.

The subversive ideologies, Jihadi elements, anti-Hindu nature, pro-Shariah propaganda against Uniform Civil Code and corrupt politics of Congress must be restrained for the greater interest of majority people in India and that is the war of this hours to unite India rejecting all the divisions of caste-creed-language-region or religion. The embedded threats in Congress are dangerous more than anything else.

Better late than never. Now, a dangerous Jihad Malware has been detected again in Anti-Hindu Congress System. A total scan is going on to neutralize all the threats with a help of strong and genuine Modi anti-virus.  Don’t turn it off  before the scan is completed.

Source : Hindu Existence

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