Will Sanatan Sanstha receive justice from the Goa Government ?

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From Left : Dr. (Miss) Maya Patil, Mr. Abhay Vartak and Mr. Sawant addressing in Press Conference

From Left : Dr. (Miss) Maya Patil, Mr. Abhay Vartak and Mr. Sawant addressing in Press Conference

Issue of maligning Sanatan Sanstha’s name by Media and Political persons

Investigation into Margao blast case has been going on for last two and half months. None of the investigating agencies has stated that Sanatan Sanstha is involved in the case; but a news has been published in the newspapers on Chief Minister of Goa Mr. Digambar Kamat’s statement that CBI has got some clues against Sanatan Sanstha in the Margao blast case and action will be taken against the Sanstha accordingly. However, the basic question is how can CBI get clues when it is not conducting the investigation ?

When this news was published by PTI, the Chief Minister immediately made it clear that the news was a distorted version of his statement. Interestingly, the media consultant to the Chief Minister had conveyed this explanatory statement to PTI at 8.35 p.m.; but PTI sent this information to all the media at 11.23 p.m. Why did a renowned news agency like PTI delay so much in sending the explanation to all the media ? It is a matter of investigation as to who is responsible for such a mistake or mischief; but it is a fact that the statement which was published in National newspapers under the name of the Chief Minister, maligned the name of Sanatan Sanstha on a large scale.

Mr. Churchill Alemao, PWD Minister of Goa and Mr. Shantaram Naik, MP from Goa are publicly demanding a ban on Sanatan Sanstha even today. The news of their statements are being published in the local newspapers everyday. It is correct to say that once the crime is proved, the guilty should be punished; but it is a sad state of affairs, to say the least, that even before the allegation is proved against Sanatan Sanstha in any of the cases, it is being maligned in this manner and being punished in this way. Sanatan Sanstha is cooperating whole-heartedly with the Government for an unbiased investigation into Margao blast and will certainly cooperate in the future too; but there should not be any uncalled efforts to blame Sanatan Sanstha in this case. We sincerely wish that the Goa Government ensures that Sanatan Sanstha’s mission of social welfare is not harmed or hampered.

Issue of attacks on Sanatan Sanstha’s Ramnathi Ashram by Anti-social elements

After the Margao blast, some anti-social elements in Goa are carrying out deplorable acts of hurling soda-water bottles and pelting stones at Sanatan’s Ramnathi Ashram. So far, 12 such attacks have been carried out on the Ashram, in which 3 seekers of the Ashram have suffered injuries too. We have repeatedly lodged complaints about this with the Ponda Police Station. On the night of 28th December, around 8 to 10 anti-social elements kept throwing stones and soda-water bottles on the Ashram for 10 minutes continuously. After this attack, the Ashram premises was strewn with stones and glass pieces.

Consecutively for the past 38 days, the anti-social elements have been shouting loudly and abusing while passing Sanatan’s Ashram. They have threatened seekers when they find them coming out of the Ashram and even manhandled and beaten them. Acts such as obscenely taunting the lady-seekers in the public places, dancing in the nude with obscene gestures in front of the Ashram are taking place freely and frequently. We have complained to the Police about all such acts and have furnished evidence too. However, the Police have replied that all such acts are ‘non-cognizable offences’ ! This inactivity of the Police has further hardened these anti-social elements and they are carrying out further major attacks on the Ashram. These attacks are posing a serious threat to the life of seekers. Despite all this, the Goa Government is not taking any steps for the protection of inmates of the Ashram. If the inmates of the Ashram are not going to get the same rights as are applicable to any citizen to live fearlessly, then it would be a complete failure of the law and order situation.

A delegation of Sanatan Sanstha has met the Chief Minister of Goa in this regard and has complained to him about the attacks on Sanatan’s Ashram; but unfortunately the Goa Government has not taken any cognizance of the complaint. Sanatan Sanstha has even filed a case against the anti-social elements for their attacks on Sanatan’s Ashram in the Court at Ponda, Goa, since the Police have failed to take any action against them so far. Similarly, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti has organised a Dharna at Panaji on 7th January, with the support of many respectable people of the society, for awakening the Government to protecting the Ashram inmates.

Issue of behavior of Police with seekers and well-wishers of Sanatan Sanstha

Sanatan Sanstha has cooperated with Police on all fronts following the Margao blast; but the Police are bypassing the path of lawful enquiry and are now trying to shut-down the mission of Sanatan Sanstha. This needs to be condemned. The Police are conducting house-to-house enquiry of Sanatan’s seekers, in order to instill fear in them. They are strongly advising the seekers not to visit Sanatan’s Ashram and also not to join its mission. Seekers who are propagating Sanatan’s mission by going to other places, are threatened by the local Police that they should leave the place and go home or they will be arrested. All this is nothing but a repressive policy of the Police under political pressure. The allegations against Sanatan Sanstha have not been proved in any of the cases so far.

Similarly, the Police are visiting the donors and advertisers and giving them advice that they should of not donate or give advertisements to Sanatan Sanstha or else they will land in trouble. Thus, a malicious conspiracy is being hatched to weaken the strength of Sanatan’s organisation by carrying out false propaganda or threats, with the help of the Police just to harass Sanatan by hook or by crook. If any action is to be taken against Sanatan Sanstha or ‘Sanatan Prabhat’, it should be done lawfully and with the help of unambiguous evidence. However, if the Government machinery itself is going to resort to unlawful means to crush such pro-Hindu organisations, then we are not willing to undergo this repression and we will resort to a public agitation to take the Government to task !

Source: Press Note by Sanatan Sanstha

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