Arrest of innocent Dr Virendrasingh Tawade; Sanatan Sanstha continues to be a scapegoat !

The political scenario in the country may have changed, but when will the forced witchhunting of Hindutvavadis stop ?

Press Release by Sanatan Sanstha

Investigating agencies said that they have no proof of Sadhvi PragyaSingh’s involvement in the Malegaon blast case, after having imprisoned her for 8 years. Seekers of Sanatan Sanstha were declared innocent after being in prison for 4 years in the Madgaon blast case. 8 months have elapsed since Sameer Gaikwad was arrested in the Com. Pansare murder case, but failure to unearth any evidence has manifested in undue delay in filing any chargesheet. In midst of all this, Dr Virendrasingh Tawade has been arrested. This seems to be an Act 2 of ‘make Sanatan Sanstha the scapegoat’, albeit under the BJP led government. It is evident that though there have been sweeping changes in the political scenario both at the centre as well as the state levels, the persecution of the Hindutvavadis continues. Many proHindu organizations have expressed their deep displeasure against this policy of the government.

Some days ago the CBI questioned 15 seekers of Sanatan from Pune, Maharashtra and also demanded to perform polygraph tests on two. Sanatan Sanstha consented to these demands and cooperated with the investigation. The outcome of the tests is not known. In September 2015, we had called a press conference regarding Nandakumar Nayar of CBI, the investigating officer in the Dabolkhar murder case. We had expressed the concern that ‘The honourable High Court had chastised this officer in earlier instances, but the same officer has been handed over this investigation and the officer may try to incriminate Sanatan in this case too’, and our concern has proven to be true. The CBI has now taken steps to incriminate Sanatan by arresting Dr Tawade late last night. Dr Tawade is innocent, and he visits the Sanatan Ashram in Panvel to perform his Spiritual Practice. Prior to 2007, he was actively involved with the hindu Janajagruti Samiti, but later due to certain family commitments, he continued his spiritual practice whilst continuing his household duties. 

We have no doubt that in future there may be attempts to implicate Sanatan in the Kalburgi murder case by arresting more innocent seekers of Sanatan.

False claim that this is the first arrest in the Dabolkhar murder case !

Two thugs called Nagori and Khandelwal had been previously arrested in the Dabolkhar murder case. Also, the honourable courts had been informed that the murder weapon had been recovered from them. If that same weapon is now in the custody of the police, how could it have been used in the two crimes that followed? Nagori had even dropped a bombshell by claiming that Rakesh Maria had offered him Rupees 25 Lakh to ‘confess’. This claim was not investigated, and now the two are also out on bail. 

AAP’s allegations just a ploy to pitch it’s tent in Goa’s political playground !

AAP has already announced that it will contest next year’s elections in Goa. Maligning a respected proHindu organization is their way of killing two birds with one stone – free publicity and minority votes. Will they dare question Kejriwal about the AAP lawmakers who have been accused of serious crimes like rape, inciting riots and corruption; or will they question Sonia about the numerous cases of corruption that the Congress has been involved in ?

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