‘Homosexuality is not recognized by Hindu Dharma’ : Ramesh Shinde, HJS

Ashadh Krushna Trutiya

By Ramesh Shinde, Western India convenor of HJS

Although India is very superior culturally, we try to show off that we are very modern by adopting foreign language and other perverted things. Why do we blindly believe that everything that is accepted by westerners is good ? Before accepting such things, we must think whether it will be appropriate and beneficial for us. In western countries, all relations have become extinct and like animals, they are only differentiated into male and female.

Today, therefore, a father does not hesitate to have sexual relations with his own daughter. There is considerable growth in cases of 12-13 years old school-going girls becoming unmarried mothers. DA dreaded disease like AIDS is spreading due to such sexual relations; there is even a report published on the same. Are we going to accept all these things in the name of modernism ? When decisions are taken which are related to Dharma, Dharma-gurus must be consulted, as people have more faith in them. They can explain to the government in a better manner as to what exactly is the people’s wish.

In Hindu Dharma, being a eunuch and having homosexual relations are two different matters. In Mahabharata, ‘Shikhandi’ has been known as a eunuch warrior; but Dharma does not recognize homosexual relations and considers it as abnormality. The verses 62 and 63 in Chapter 2 of the Bhagwad Geeta explain about how an excess of sex can destroy man. In ‘Narada-Smruti’, marriage of homosexuals is considered to be taboo.

Mahakavi Kalidas has also condemned homosexual relations in his poetic literature ‘Raghuvansh’. Mahamahopadhyaya Dr. P. V. Kane, a ‘Bharatratna’ awardee has mentioned that, since a woman is respected in the form of a mother in Hindu Dharma, having homosexual relations is a sin. In Indian culture, it is felt that few things should be avoided out of ‘fear and a sense of modesty’ rather than enacting laws to tackle them.

It will, therefore, be shamelessness to accept homosexual relations. In view of what is mentioned above, are the politicians going to respect what is taught in Bhagwad Geeta which is used by them to take an oath before taking up any post.

Why is the government so keen to revoke clause 377 ?

Although there is a law, I don’t think that it would deter people from doing whatever they want to do; but in case the law is revoked, they will openly do everything and one can imagine what type of sights one would get to see in gardens. Will such sights inculcate good moral values in our children? If few selected persons demand equal treatment, why should others create such hullabaloo? If we treat their feelings as natural, even smokers would have to be treated as having natural feelings towards smoking. Terrorist ‘Kasab’ may claim that it is his natural feeling, being a Pakistani, to undertake ‘jihad’ against India. Will then the government repeal even clauses 302 and 420?

Why then has the government taken up the issue of repealing of clause 377 with so much of interest ? Are the other major problems like terrorism, poverty, corruption duly addressed ? With the cancellation of this Act, will the farmers stop committing suicide and will India immediately become a super power in the world ? If the government is really interested in annulment of any clause, then, clause 370 giving autonomy to Kashmir should be annulled first and the common civic law should be implemented in the country.


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