Hindu Dharma is adaptable, hence we have to combine science and spirituality : Nayana Bhagat, HJS

Discussion session held on ‘SAAM’ TV channel on the incident of a woman entering Shani Shiganapur Mandir and having ‘darshan

Mumbai : Hindu Dharma is adaptable. This Dharma has never discriminated against women. Right from creation of ‘Vedas’, women have been leading in every field. We need to know the science and we have to combine science and spirituality irrespective of our achieving progress, stated Sou. Nayana Bhagat of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) during a discussion session held on SAAM TV channel on 30th November. The other participants were Neela Limaye, spokesperson of Congress; advocate Lakshmi Yadav, writers Nandini Atmasiddha and Vandana Khare, Mukta Dabholkar of ANiS, H.B.P. Madhavdas Rathi of Warakari Sampradya and Dr. Sanjay Dabhade.

Sou. Nayana Bhagat said,

1. On behalf of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, I protest against the woman who went to Shani Shinganapur Mandir and had ‘darshan’. It is important to bring forth what Dharma says in such matters. We have to be curious and alert to learn about such things. Here, rather than social and psychological level, one needs to think at spiritual level.

2. People study science to earn money, gain name and fame; but nobody studies what perspectives are given under Hindu Dharma related to each and every thing; therefore, wrong things are happening. 

3. Women are not allowed in mosque on any day; but why the women-emancipation organizations don’t say anything on this ? (Program-host Sanjay Awate tried to stop her and told her not to talk anything related to other religions and not to take discussions off the track. He said, a person commits theft and he says that other person has also committed theft so he should also be nabbed. Similar thing may happen here but it should be avoided.) (During discussion program held on having ‘darshan’ at religious places, is it right to create such restraints based on other religions ? Is it not necessary to have expansive discussions; but here the compeer is having only one-sided views ! – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat)

4. I consider it as my duty towards Dharma to abide by rules and regulations set while establishing temples.

5. Religious acts are done based on ‘Sattva/ Raja/ Tama’ components and we get their benefits. Where there is religious act leading to its benefits, rules prescribed in Dharma have to be followed.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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