Police beating HJS activists: HJS meets DCP Khaire

Magh Krushna Dvadashi

O, People! Keep the fire of revenge kindled due to unjust treatment by the police glowing till the right time comes! 

Hindu Janjagruti Samiti Demand justice from Human Rights Commission



Issue of registering unnecessary crimes against activists of Hindu Janjagruti Samiti at Pune

Febreuary 21, 2009

Magh Krushna Dwadashi

Pune (Maharashtra):  The inquiry regarding the issue of police registering crimes against 4 activists of Hindu Janjagruti Samiti (HJS) who had gone to the police station to file a complaint against the illegal sale of National Flags. We are trying to reach the truth of the said issue, informed Deputy Police Commissioner, Shri. Chandrakant Khaire to Shri. Surendra  Mahajan of HJS who had gone to see him. The Samiti had made a complaint on 28th January 2009 to Shri. Khaire regarding the injustice done to the said activists by the police and he had also assured the Samiti about making thorough inquiry of the issue; but nothing was informed by the police. Hence when Shri. Mahajan went to see Shri. Khaire, he said in disgust, “Police beat the activists, had their medical check up done, registered crimes against them within just 2 hours. Such alertness on their part is never witnessed at other places.”

Shri. Khaire replied, “Due to lady Deputy Commissioner on duty some restrictions are natural.” Shri. Mahajan said, “I can understand that; but is it proper for a police officer like Shri. V.T. Pawar to beat the activists and register crimes against them without listening to them at all? In all this the real problem of ‘Illegal sale of the National Flags’ has been sidetracked.”

Shri. Khare asked, “Why did you not contact the shopkeepers and explained to them everything? “If we had approached them directly then there was a possibility of arguments taking place; so HJS always seeks police assistance; but police only beat them” replied Shri. Mahajan. Later Shri. Khaire told Shri. Mahajsn, “Whenever it is necessary we would inform you regarding it. You also can come any time to like.”

Source: Dainik Sanatan Prabhat


Police beating HJS activists: Raj Thackeray to look into the issue

February 10, 2009

Satara (Maharashtra): Shri. Raj Thackeray was present at the Public Sabha held at Satara where Hindu Jana Jagruti Samiti activists had a chance to meet him.  The HJS activists had gone there to protest against the derogatory treatment of the Indian National Flag.

At that time the Local Police brutally beat up 4 activists of HJS.  Shri Raj Thackeray was approached by the HJS with this matter.  Shri Raj Thackeray immediately responded “ This act by the Police is senseless domineering, and I will personally look into this matter and dig out all the information to reach the motive behind this gruesome act.  Shiv Sena’s support is fully behind it”

Following HJS activists were present on this occasion: Shri Sudhir Shinde, Samadhan Jadhav, Nilesh Sangolkar, Sankalp Zhanzhuney.

Source: Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

 Protests by Hindutvawadis at Karad against police

February 5, 2009

Karad (Maharashtra): Some Hindu Janjagruti Samiti’s (HJS) activists had gone to the Police Station in Pune to register a complaint against degradation of the National Flag. At that time they were beaten unnecessarily for no reason. To protest against this incident the Hindutvawadis in Karad had gathered at the Statue of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in Datta Chowk. (The action of protesting against the unruly behaviour of the police constitutionally by proud Hindus in Karad, is worth imitating! Need to have such proud Hindus everywhere! – Editor) Proud Hindu speakers spoke about the various attacks on Hindus on this occasion.  

It began with the worship of the Statue of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj at 11 am. Thereafter the proud Hindus present there protested against the police very strongly. Shri. Rahul Kadam of HJS while protesting against the police for beating the activists of the Samiti in Pune demanded, “All the allegations against the said activists should be taken back and action should be taken against the anti-National businessmen.” All the proud Hindus supported this proposition unanimously and promptly.

During these protests Shri. Vinayak Pavaskar of Hindu Ekata while making a reference to ‘Valentine Day’ said, “Ban the ‘Valentine Day’ for teaching distorted version of love to avoid the blind imitation of the Western Culture.” While referring to the anti-Hindu History Text Book published by N.C.E.R.T. Shri. Sanjay Mohite, Deputy Head of District Satara, Shivsena said, “Shivsena would destroy the conspiracy against praising Mongals and distorting the History Text.” ‘Agitating sitting in restraint’ (Dharane Andolan) was undertaken against the anti-Hindu N.C.E.R.T. 

Thereafter all the Hindus present there marched towards the Revenue Collector, Shri. Dhanajirao Toraskar and handed over a representation and told him about the attacks on Hindu Dharma. Later Shri. Manohar Jadhav registered a complaint against the Director and Producer of the film ‘Slumdog Millionare’ in the Police Station.

Inspector Shri. Sambhaji Patil filed the complaint.

Source: Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

 Activists of Hindu Janjagruti Samiti seriously beaten by Pune Police: Arrested under false crime

February 1, 2009

Pune (Maharashtra): Hindu Janjagruti Samiti (HJS) is campaigning for protecting honour of the national Flag for the last 6 years. As a part of the same campaign to stop the dishonour caused to the National flag, on 26th January 4 HJS activists had gone to the Shukravar Peth Police Station to lodge a complaint where they were beaten very badly by the police and arrested them under false crime. (Do the police feel that since we are police they can behave anyway with the people? The police are paid hard earned money collected from the people as tax. Police should remember that they are not their masters; but their servants. – Editor)

Shri. Sunil Dhanvat of HJS told the journalists that a complaint regarding the unjust treatment by the police had been made to the senior police officer in the department and that HJS is going to ask for justice from the Human Rights Commission too. 

O Hindus Are the below HJS workers look like Criminal by any angle, you only decide!

Shri. Sunil Dhanvat

Shri. Sunil Dhanvat
Shri. Hemant Shinde

Shri. Hemant Shinde
Shri. Nilesh Shinde

Shri. Nilesh Shinde
Shri. Prashant Hirve

Shri. Prashant Hirve

Warning to start agitation demanding action against the police

Many Hidutvawadi Organisations joined HJS in the protest in a journalist conference. A warning was given in the said conference about starting an agitation all over, if all the allegations on the activists are not taken back and action against the police who had beaten the activists is not taken within 7 days. It was also demanded in the conference that action should be taken against the shopkeeper for illegal sale of the plastic National flags. 

Spokesperson of Pune and Nagar Districts (HJS), Shri. Sunil Dhanvat, Shri. Milind Ekbote, Shri. Anil Shirole, Senior councilor of BJP, Shri. Sandip Khardekar, BJP, Vice president of the city, Shri. Shmbhu Gavare of Sanatan Sanstha, Shri. Sunil Jadhav of Shivsena, Shri. Raj Yadav of Pratapgad Uttsav Samiti, Shri. Navnath Bandal , spokesperson of Rashtrawadi Yuvak Congress and Adv. Rajiv Dashpande of Hindu Ekta Andolan were present at the conference. Shri. Sunil Dhanvat explained to the journalists the sequence of the incidents that had taken place in the police station. 

Complaint lodged with Deputy Commissioner of Police Khaire

Complaint against the injustice by the police was lodged with Commissioner of Police, Shri. Chandrakant Khaire and he gave assurance to the delegation saying that. necessary action would be taken against the defaulters within next 7 days. Copy of this complaint has also been sent to the Chief Minister of the State, Home Minister, Director of police Department , Collector of Pune and Commissioner of Pune city police.

Protest against inaction by police  

In fact the police should be alert about the crimes taking place around the area under the jurisdiction of their police station and police guards and they should realize them; but they do not remain alert themselves and if any alert citizens wish to complain about miscreants then they are treated like this which is quite objectionable. 

Adv. Shri. Prashant Yadav, a proud Hindu and president of Army Ganeshotsav Mandal provided legal help to the activists of the Samiti. (Congratulations to the proud Adv. Shri. Prashant Yadav for helping activists of the Samiti very promptly! All should have ideal like him. – Editor) 

 HJS activists beaten inhumanly by Pune police!

January 31, 2009

Pune (Maharashtra): Shukrawar peth police here committed a barbarous act of inhumanly beating four activists of HJS who had gone to the police station for complaining against the sale of plastic national flags. Not only they hurled obscene abuses while beating them but also made a false criminal case against them and put them in custody for one day. This took place on 26th January 2009.

On 26 th January at 4p.m,a team of HJS activists consisting of Shri Sunil Ghanvat, Hemant Shinde, Nilesh Shinde and Prashant Hirve had gone to Faraskhana police station to complain against the sale of plastic national flags. Following is the account of what happened there in their own words.

  1. When we reached the police station premises we came across some officials of Local Information Bureau (L.I.B). They described us how they helped HJS to stop the screening of movie ‘Slumdog Millionaire’. The talks were quite cordial as they know the mission of HJS quite closely.
  2. We met Shri Date of L.I.B in the police station. We told him our intention of lodging a complaint against the sale of plastic national flags. He asked us as to where the incidence took place and told us to complain at the concerned police chowki. But we told him that according to our experience till date the police at chowki do not accept the complaint and direct us to police station instead. On that he told us to go up and lodge a complaint.
  3. When we went inside the police station and requested them to write the complaint, the attending police personnel said, ‘ Our superior has gone out. You can lodge the complaint after he comes back.’ On this we said, ‘Can anybody else write down the complaint in his absence?’ But the person insisted on lodging the complaint only after arrival of his superior. He further directed us to lodge the complaint at the concerned police chowki. We told him our past experience that the police chowki people send us back to police station. But he was of the opinion that the Police inspector would arrive late and hence we should lodge complaint with the concerned police chowki and sent us there after giving a phone call to the chowki.

Thus we landed up at Shukrawar Peth police chowki and we were bombarded with the routine questions of ‘ Where did the incidence take place?, ‘Whether it comes under our limits’ and so on. Following is the conversation that took place.( Such police are trying to escape the duty by asking the question of their limits while registering the complaint!-Editor)

Shri Sunil Ghanvat( Insistingly): Sir, It is  more important to register a complaint regarding national flag rather than noting its place of occurrence.

Constable: Tell us in which area such a shop selling the plastic flags falls.

We then showed him the receipt of purchase of said flags from the the concerned shop. It was quite clear from the receipt that the shop was coming under their jurisdiction but he was insisting on it as he was reluctant to register a complaint.

Constable: Let us all go to that shop so that we can confirm whether it really falls in our limits.

Shri Sunil Ghanvat: Sir, it is clearly mentioned on the receipt. You can have a close look.

Thereafter we asked for the mobile number of concerned senior officer that is lady police inspector Sau Bidve and told her the entire subject. She told us that she would be there within fifteen minutes and meanwhile we should show the said shop to the constable just to confirm that it does fall in their jurisdiction. Shri Nilesh Shinde, HJS activist then accompanied the constable and showed him the shop. ( Why should these police force be made to thrive on public money if they want to avoid the police process by repeatedly  bringing forth a question of jurisdiction?-Editor)

The lady police inspector lodged a false protest  to her senior that the HJS activists are creating disturbance by unnecessarily getting angry on them even though they were talking politely

When Mrs Vimal Bidve visited the chowki she asked us to come to the office. She was in a hurry when she arrived. There was a programme of Haldi-kumkum outside the chowki. When we visited her office there were 5-6 women waiting. Without even asking us to take the seats and with a callous look she asked us as to what was our problem in front of those women.(Sub-Inspector  Mrs Bidve finds the programe of haldi-kumkum more important than caring for the complaints of citizens!-Editor)Actually she did not listen carefully to what we were explaining instead she phoned her senior. Before that Shri Hemant Shinde was trying to tell her our objective of coming there. While the explanation was going on she started asking questions which her senior was telling her to ask. Thus she enquired about name and age of Shri Hemant Shinde and name of Shri Sunil Ghanvat .Then she asked for full name and later on about age. On this Shri Sunil Ghanvat Said, ‘Why do you require all this information on the phone. Since Sir ( inspector) is going to come here we will give him the entire information.’ This infuriated her so much that she said on the phone, ‘ these peope are not listening to me and are creating trouble here.’ Following this Shri Sunil Ghanvat went to attend the pre decided programme leaving other activists there.

The police inspector and his assistants started obscenely abusing and inhumanly  beating up the activists waiting for their arrival without listening to them at all and without proper enquiry. Such police officers and their collegues are nothing but goondas in Khaki uniform! 

Just then Senior Police inspector Shri Pawar arrived at the chowki. Without enquiring anything he straightaway started beating us. His collegues also took us inside while continuing to beat us. HJS activist Shri Prashant Hirve was thrown on the ground and kicked. Shri Hemant and Shri Nilesh Shinde were also getting banged inhumanly. The police were obscenely  abusing taking names of mother and sisters. ‘ Such a pride? We shall kick on your buttocks. You useless fellows. Some four people come and give complaints. Want to become politicians ?What is this awakening (jagruti).Tryng to harass a lady P.S.I? Bhenchod, Madarchod etc.

Meanwhile Shri Hemant Shinde was showing them the papers so that they might  understand their purpose of complaint. But nobody was in a mood to listen to them and went on beating them while simultaneously abusing. About 6 to 8 police personel were beating the three activists. Shri Prashant Hirve then phoned up Shri Sunil Ghanvat and asked him to come to the place immediately. Soon Shri Ghanvat arrived at the site. He was taken to the main office and without even listening to him they beat him up also in the same abusive fashion. Nobody listened to our objective of coming there.

We could understand that they were inhumanly beating us just by listening to the complaints made on phone by P.S.I Mrs Bidve and thus under the influence of misunderstanding and prejudice.

A glass of the table was broken as the HJS activist was pushed on the table , however the police registered a false complaint that the actvists had broken the glass thus displaying their dictatorship!

Inspector Mr Pawar beat and pushed Shri Ghanvat on the table. That probably broke the glass on the table but later the police falsely charged us with the offence of breaking the glass in their crime register.

The anti-law police threatened to ‘spoil the record’of activists without listening to them at all and all the time having arrogant and offensive language!

Thereafter they asked us to sit down. We said, ‘Please pardon us if we have committed any mistake. We never had any other intention. Madam has misunderstood us.’ But they were bent on being arrogant and offensive. Shri Pawar and Shri Dhumal were even saying,’ we shall show you what leadership is. We will spoil your record.’ On this Shri Ghanvat said, ‘ I am looking after the activities of HJS. Our all agitations are within the ambit of constitution which you know very well. We have not committed any mistake. We are being misunderstood.’ To this Shri Pawar said, ‘ What sort of awakening you do? I will take care of you. You don’t even know how to behave with a woman.’ He was constantly harping on this.( Such police are anti-democratic who do not listen and understand the point told by the person in front and accusing him  falsely and beating indiscriminately!-Editor)

The Police Sub-Inspector having a attitude of Goonda who cannot speak without using abusive and offensive language!

The police subinspector Shri Dhumal who was accompanying Shri Pawar was constantly showering us with abuses during a span of 45 minutes and was speaking in offensive language. He was trying to please Shri Pawar.

The police officer orders to register  complaint against the activists without taking into consideration as to what they want to say!

Thereafter the police officer asked Shri Ghanvat to sit along with other three activists in a lower room and ordered to register a complaint against them. 

Even though the sale of plastic flags is an offence, the shopkeepers denied  that and when the patriotic activist tried to explain, the anti-national police officer who was pro-shopkeeper spoke to him in an abusive language!

Shri Sunil Ghanvat was again called by the police officer to the police station after 10 minutes. The accused shopkeeper and 6-7 others were sitting in front of the police inspector. They were trying to prove how it was not an offence to sell a plastic national flag. In fact they were trying to please the inspector against the incident which had just taken place. They asked Shri Ghanvat as to where was it mentioned that sale of plastic flags was an offence by showing him a copy of Government resolution (G.R). When Shri Ghanvat tried to explain the clause the police officer again started talking arrogantly without listening to him at all. The shopkeepers were trying to tell the police officer that the point of flag was subordinate while behaviour of the activists was wrong.

The police while actually being the servants of the people committed goondaism on the HJS activists and what is more, they registered offence against the activists and put them in the custody just as a thief accuses  innocent person as thief. Such police officers are fit to be descendents of Mughals!

Thereafter Shri Ghanvat was asked to sit down and offence were filed against all of them. The activists pleaded a lot with them that they be allowed to contact their family members or the acquaintances in order to avoid the offence being filed and asking for help. However nobody bothered about them and within a span of 15 minutes filed offence against them under sections 353, 427,34 of I.P.C and Criminal law section7. They were then taken to Sasoon Hospital for a medical checkup and thereafter were put in custody of Faraskhana police station for whole night.

In spite of being told by the councilors and other people that the activists would never do such things and the police might have misunderstood them and hence the charges against them be withdrawn, the police inspector told them that since the case  had reached at senior officer level, it was not possible to do so!

When we were taken to Sassoon hospital for medical checkup,Shri Rajesh Shinde uncle of of Shri Nilesh Shinde arrived with municipal councilor and some senior citizens. They contacted Shri Pawar on the phone and told him that the activists were well known to them and could never do such things and the police might have misunderstood them and hence the charges against them be withdrawn. However police inspector Shri Pawar promptly conveyed the whole incidence to ACP and DCP and told them that since the case  had reached at such senior officers level, it was not possible to do so!

Woman Sub inspector falsely accuses the HJS activists to hide the goondaism of police!

We had our primary discussion with PSI  Sau Bidve in her own office. However she  falsely accused, ‘ These activists behaved wrongly with me in front of 150 women present for the Haldi-kumum programme’. In fact it was not so.

These police who falsely put criminal charges against the innocent activists  are not servants of the people but are Goondas!

The police in their charge sheet against us have accused us of calling them singularly, calling constable as Shipurdya ( a slang term in marathi for constable), holding the the neck of the constables and pushing them , breaking the glass of the table by a fist blow and obstructing the work of government. Accordingly the offence has been registered. In fact all these accusation are false.

These police reminded us of Mughal empire by their arrogant behaviour towards the innocents and later advising (no, in fact threatening) us not to go against the police!

On the second day that is on 27.1.2009 when all the formalities for a bail was over some of us went to Shukrawar peth police station. At that time some of the police started advising us that we should work in tandem with the police and that no organization can work by going against the police force. 

O police, remember that people are not fool to get cheated by your hypocrisy of first behaving arrogantly with them and then behaving with love and a helping attitude on sensing that the circumstances would go against you!

All the police who were involved in beating and accusing us on the previous day( 26th January) were behaving  very peacefully, with love and were showing helping gestures.

The wounds that have occurred to several people and society in this case can never be healed till the anti-people and atrocious police are destroyed everywhere. Draupadi had kept her hair unbraided to constantly remind the Pandavs of the atrocities of Kauravs. Till  such time that  a pro-Hindu government comes to the power and the arrogant police everywhere are taught a lesson,  always keep the flame of revenge kindled!

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