Enemy-lover Swami Agnivesh : I love Pakistan

Paush Shuddha Chaturthi

We do not want war with Pakistan. (Up till now Pakistan has attacked Bharat repeatedly either openly or covertly by way of terrorist attacks. It is responsible for death of innumerable innocent Indians. It has sheltered criminal Muslims from Bharat. It has even tried to embarrass Bharat on the International level by whatever means. In spite of these, if some people do not want war against Pakistan then they should be sent to Pakistan for a permanent stay there! -Editor)

The amount of love I received in Pakistan, I did not receive any where in the world, said Enemy-lover Swami Agnivesh in a public gathering. (Pakistani terrorists attacked Mumbai and killed 183 innocent Indians including 18 police officers and military personnel. Therefore it is a gross insult to the martyr police and military persons, those Indians who died in the attack and their families and in fact to the whole nation if Swami Agnivesh praises Pakistan! -Editor)

Congress leader Hussain Dalwai had organised  a function on behalf of ‘Maulana Azad Vichar Manch’ to commemorate   one month of terrorist attack on Mumbai. Kavita Karkare , wife of slain ATS chief  Hemant Karkare and Ex-Chief of Police Shri Sudhakar Suradkar were present on this occasion.(It is shameful that the ex-chief of police Shri Suradkar tolerated such Pro-Pakistani utterances of Swami Agnivesh! -Editor)

In his speech Swami Agnivesh directly touched the Malegaon case. He said,’Terrorist means Muslims was the equation till yesterday .But with the investigation of Bomb blasts at Malegaon done by  Karkare it was found that Sadhvi Pradnya Singh, a so-called Shankaracharya and military personnel were responsible for it. Thus it has become quite clear that terrorism is not limited to one religion. (It has to be taken into consideration that up till now the court has not declared any of the accused as guilty. Swami Agnivesh should remember one thing that Hindus were never terrorists. They are always in favour of national defence. If Swami Agnivesh wants to have a real feel of terrorism then he should go and ask those  Kashmiri  Hindu women who have stopped menstruating at the young  age of 30 from the sheer fear of terrorism! -Editor) We were anxious that Karkare might withdraw due to pressure but he did not.( There is no other thing more  amusing and dramatising  than to think on the part of Swami Agnivesh that in the regime of anti-Hindu and Pro-Muslim Congress government an officer who is investigating against Hindus will withdraw from the case! -Editor)

Government will now investigate the death of these officers and the terrorist attack but at the same time it should be careful enough to see that the Malegaon case will not be let loose. (Why? Is it because the accused are Hindus? It means that Swami Agnivesh is no way bothered about terrorism but is more interested in unnecessary harassment of Hindus; or otherwise he would have definitely asked for investigations into bomb blasts done by Jihadi terrorists all over the country! -Editor) Otherwise the martyrdom of Karkare will be in vain.( What way martyrdom of Karkare is related to Malegaon blasts? In fact by praising Pakistan Swami Agnivesh has made the martyrdom of Karkare vain! -Editor)

Just as SIMI was banned by the Government, we demand that RSS, Bajrang Dal also should be banned. (SIMI has attacked the very freedom and sovereignty of the nation. What have RSS and Bajrang Dal done against the country? On the other hand RSS has played an important role in nation building. Therefore an Anti-Hindu like Swami Agnivesh should not compare terrorist organisation like SIMI with Pro-Hindu organizations! -Editor)

Otherwise it will be proved that you are looking from one side only." Hussain Dalwai on this occasion declared that he is going to demand to president that 26 th November be declared as ‘ Brotherhood Day’ (This is clever move on part of a Muslim like Dalwai so that the Hindus would forget their massacre at the hands of Jihadi terrorists. If Dalwai is so interested in brotherhood then he should ask Muslims to observe 6th December as ‘Brotherhood Day’! – Editor)

He further said," Karkare was very courageous to handle the Malegaon case. Even when faced with such calamity Smt. Karkare said," I have equal respect and belief for all religions."(This is only indicative of the fact that Hindus have not the realised the true face of Muslims! -Editor) The religious understanding shown by her is an example for all."(Dalwai should tell this to his Muslim brethren. He should not preach this to Hindus who have tolerated arrogant Muslims for over thousand years! -Editor)

Source: Daily Sanatan Prabhat

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